Wednesday, November 17, 1999


Nothing's more fun than watching your profs bicker in front of you. I'm a student rep of the [censored] committee and the meetings can be pretty darn interesting.

It's funny because they usually agree on principle however it's just the wording that they get ants in the pants for. Sometimes I feel like yelling, "It's the same thing! We all agree! Why are we bickering for??" But I'm just a lowly student and I should keep my mouth shut.

I was intimidated by the profs for the first time but now, I'm quite proud to say that I can voice my opinions whenever needed. And they're all good people.


I talked to my mentor today. Now, he's quite intimidating. He's BIG. Not in the sense of fat, but in the sense that his presence is rather overwhelming. I wish he would smile more.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was assigned my mentor because he's one of the most popular profs around. In fact, he won a Teaching Award from the University recently and that's very prestigious. I've never had an opportunity to take a class with him so I don't know how he interacts with the students. But I've heard that he's a very dynamic teacher. TEACHER. Very few professors can be called teachers. I've had a-plenty who are so disgruntled about *gasp* teaching lowly undergrads. I say they need an attitude adjustment.

My mentor was intimidating when I first talked to him today. I just made an appointment with him and hopefully, he would be alot more engaging next time.

I've waited years for my mentor! Next semester is my last and it sucks that I've been assigned my mentors now. Oh, yup, mentors as in plural. I don't know how I did it but I lucked out getting TWO instead of one. I don't think I was supposed to have two and I should have kept it to myself instead of gloating to a couple of people. You know how word gets around.

But I've waited so long for my mentors. I'm not giving them up now!


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