Monday, November 22, 1999

I never forget

As it gets closer to the end of the semester, I get busier and busier with school. And it sucks. I didn't get to go home until 6 pm today and that was a continuous full day of school. No goofing around on the computer for at least an hour. I didn't even get to finish what I had planned out to do in school.

I didn't count and kill my flies today.

I talked to my mentor today and I think I have finally understood the meaning of 'mentor'. He was more helpful than my other mentor. He gave me advice that made sense and pointed out things to me that I never noticed. He even wants me to write up a letter for my prospective supervisors and he's going to proof-read it. And maybe best of all, he has contacts that he thinks I should try out. I talked to Kris tonight and he reminded me that my mentor is actually the head of the graduate committee in the biology department. He basically gets to decide who enters grad school.

This is great because he's overseen lots of graduate admissions every year and with his knowledge, experience and contacts, maybe.. I would stand a really good chance of getting into the graduate school of my choice.

I hope.

I also had a presentation today and I think it went pretty well. My group was second to last and we had to sit and listen to a lot of presentations that took about three hours before we could present our topic.

Funny, toga girl [from social entry] who isn't in our class came and listened to some of the presentations. Methinks she has a crush on the prof because she walked into the class and immediately sat next to my prof. She then kept beaming towards him and he gave her a rather startled look. She then moved places and sat directly in front of him. She took off her jacket and she was wearing this odd shirt with no back to it and no bra (again!). It was rather funny and also embarassing. I don't know .. there are some people who are sexy no matter what and there are others who try and try but they just don't have it.

I don't know why girls bother flirting with him. It's not like anything's going to happen. I think he has too much integrity and smarts to start anything with an undergrad. Actually, she was nice to me today and I have a difficult time disliking people who are nice to me. But I also happen to have a long memory and I will never forget the snide remarks she and her cohort, the Queen, had made about Kris' rule in the student union. Plus, I'm extremely annoyed that she's taking all the credit for this publication that KRIS started and worked so hard on it. She had never bothered to been involved in it till now. And she demanded that she be given an executive position as 'Editor'. How dare she.

I'm seriously thinking of quiting this student union next semester. I get so emotionally caught up with it and I actually stew on it for days. It would be better for me anyways. Less anger & frustration throughout the semester.

Maybe I would join the ToastMasters instead.


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