Thursday, November 18, 1999

I wish I could be stronger

Today was incredibly hectic. I started at 8:30 am and didn't have a chance to sit down and rest till 6:30 pm. After classes, I had to work on my poster presentation with my fish group. Try sitting in a closed lab for two hours with glue fumes surrounding you. Lovely. Didn't have a chance to grab lunch because right after my presentation, I had to rush to see my mentor (the other one).

It was pretty enlightening to find out that my g.p.a is alot higher than his ever was. And I was worried about my grades. Actually, he said that research experience is a major factor in getting into grad school. Oh shit! It's a vicious cycle though. I can't get research experience because I need some research experience to begin with. Profs here are so incredibly picky.

I told him that I had some volunteer experience in the field but he wasn't impressed. Overall, I would say that I didn't get any insight from him about grad school or what I want to do in the future. I've pretty much weighed the pros and cons in my head. He didn't tell me anything new that I didn't know about grad school. Well, I was hoping most of all to get a reference (of sorts) from him.

After my talk with him, I had to rush home because I had left my assignment! Aarrghh.. It was so frustrating. I spent a large portion of my day running around. I also spent about three hours making posters for the social. I was pretty relieved that I didn't have to go food-shopping with the Queen. Instead, I made posters with three other executives who are my friends. I was supposed to go to the Queen's house to 'help' prepare food however:

a) I was so dead-tired

b) There was free pizza however i HATE pizza. My least favourite food. Yuck.

c) It was the Queen's house. No point going when I'm going to be outwardly snubbed by an immature drama queen.

So I left right after we had finished the posters. We did such a good job on the posters. Actually, Vandad did most of the work -- he's a great artist. I asked him if I could keep one of his posters (a large sign with the prices of beer with a cool drunken fat cartoon character) and he was very flattered.

I'm definitely going to keep in touch with these three people. Friendships should to be treasured.


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