Saturday, November 27, 1999

Lord, give me the strength..

Last Thursday, I had an altercation with the Queen. It was horrible and while I do still want to vent about this bitch, just thinking about it makes me sick. Maybe I'll write about the incident sometime when I'm in a truely bitchin' mood but these days, I just want to keep my sanity together.

But I should at least say this: she was being completely unreasonable and petty and I was just defending someone that I hardly knew. What the hell, I'll give a brief synopsis. We were picking a winner for the logo contest and she had basically by virtue of her bossiness, narrowed it down to toga girl's entry and her boyfriend's. We had agreed on the front logo that was submitted to me. I think she thought it was either mine or Kris because she asked me if I did it and I said no, it was someone I hardly knew. She gave me that annoyed scrunched-up look.

Now, we were voting for the back logo (of the t-shirt). She was really pushing for toga girl's entry and while it was really neat, I think ALL of us voted for the other one (we didn't know it was her boyfriend's) because it was getting too much. She has this loud voice and was intent in yelling everyone else down so that we would vote 'her way'.

She obviously had a conflict of interest here: she really wanted a certain logo to win, that happened to be submitted by her ally. Yet, she demanded that everyone else give their secret ballots to her and she went away and counted the votes herself? Second time around, I made sure that everyone gave their votes to our President and she demanded to have all the votes from him. And he handed them to her meekly. I was screaming silently to myself, "oh GOD! grow a spine!!!"

Finally we all voted against her (no more secret ballots, we decided to just put up our hands much to Queen Bitch's protestations). She was so incensed that the vote didn't go her way.

She then started screaming, that whoever made up the first logo was a cheat. She stood on the couch and started bouncing up and down, yelling cheat! cheat!. I was so angry. The person who submitted to me wasn't even from here. She's American and has NEVER even heard of our school. How could she "rip-off" one of the t-shirts that the school bookstore was selling?

I told her repeatedly that the person wasn't cheating because they weren't from here.

"They're cheating! They're cheating!" she screamed still, jumping up and down on the couch.

Basically she wanted the person that we had just voted for to get all the prize money and the girl that I hardly knew get nothing. I, at first said, 50-50 because she had submitted a full logo which was very professional and the best-looking. But the others thought that she should get a smaller share.

"Cheat!cheat!!" she screamed on, her chubby face contorted with such rage. Surprisingly, toga girl said out loud, "You just want your boyfriend to win!!" "SHADDUP!!" she screamed at toga girl.

Shocked silence followed. We didn't know that it was her boyfriend's. And she had manuevered the logo contest to just her boyfriend's and toga girl's.

Finally, our president spoke and said that he believes me that this person wasn't from here and that they couldn't have cheated however since the front logo is just the words 'SFU' and 'Biology' (done very artistically however),..["They were just messing around with fonts! They don't know what the hell they were doing!!" conveniently forgetting that the girl had also submitted a professional back logo.]
so the President decided on 70-30. Sigh.. The entire prize money is only $50 Canadian funds. The girl that i hardly know is going to get hardly nothing.

I was so upset this meeting. What a bitch! She truely is! I'm grateful for toga girl from the unprompt remark. I hope this would show to everyone else in the student union what a conniving selfish bossy fat bitch she truely is.

Actually, these group of people that I admire most in the student union talked to me privately afterwards and they agreed with me. I was thankful and yet, I was upset that they didn't speak out during the meeting.

It always feels like it's a show-down between The Queen Bitch and I and honestly, I hate it. But when I think about it, maybe I'm the only one who's not afraid to stand up against her. This is funny, but she reminds me in some way of my older sister. No, my sister doesn't act like that in public but with me, she can be competely unreasonable sometimes. But in her defence, she can also be very patient and forgiving with the mistakes I've made. Overall, she's a great sister.

However, she is bossy towards me and the times when we fight are usually because I finally stand up for myself. I could go away quietly (like everyone else in the student union) or I could stand up and voice my opinion. The latter is very exhausting and frustrating however, I feel that I've won somehow in the long run.

At least my sister doesn't act like that outside the family but this Queen does. And in some way, I feel sorry for her. She doesn't know how to work in a group cooperatively. All she knows is how to hijack it and try to force everyone to agree with her at all times. She's obnoxious, fake, and petty.

Gosh, there are so many incidences I could just go on and on about. Well, for example, our Forum rep. He was running for the position and we think that she wanted it for herself because she went around the department, telling everyone she met not to vote for this guy. He won anyways (by a narrow margin) and when it was announced at the meeting, she screamed congratulations!! And was all fakey-smiley.

Wow, I really am in a bitch mode now. And that jumping on the couch -- what was that for? Geez, she's a very heavy girl and that couch is old. I do feel pity for her because it appears that that's the only way she could express her opinion (loudly) -- by distracting people with her childish antics.

That's how I should approach this girly. Not with seething anger but with pity. I want to quit the student union next semester (my last incidentally) because of her. I'm so tired with her antics. I'm so tired of being the only one who dares to speak out against her (idiotic, unreasonable) ideas. But, I think to myself, maybe she's frustrated with me speaking out too. Maybe, she goes home frustrated that she's not truely Queen of the student union. Maybe I should stay anyways and thwart her every move.

Not a brief synopsis. However, I admit that I do feel better now.


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