Friday, November 19, 1999

Par.. TAYYY!!

I surprised myself. I had a good time at the social. I had been dreading it for a while because of the Queen and her royal subject but we were all civil towards each other today. You could even call it friendly (sort-of).

I have been involved in three socials now (three years) and I really had enjoyed myself in this year's social. I think the main reason why I enjoyed myself was because I wasn't in charge. I didn't have to worry about anything. It was frustrating though in some parts of the social. For example, they didn't have enough variety of food. They only got veggies, junk food and pizza. The Queen (who ended up buying the food) didn't want any meat and cheese for no good reason except that she 'didn't like them'. Oh, yes, this is all about what you like. Very nice. I heard complaints about the food and honestly, I felt very vindicated.

Also, the idiotic A.V. people double-booked our stereo system and we ended up with a crappy boom-box. The music quality was very shitty. There were no decorations like the previous socials. No christmas lights, balloons or festive paper.

But I have to admit that one thing that was awesome that the Queen worked her ass off were the amount and quality of prizes we had. Thirty-five prizes with over $600 value! That was very awesome. We had Playdium, Science World, Vancouver Aquarium... passes. Lots of gift certificates from good restaurants: the Cannery (expensive!), Anton's, Fogs & Sudds etc.. Clothes from the SFU bookstore.. In-door climbing passes (very awesome)!.. and many more. I actually won a movie double pass for Caprice theatre! In all my three socials, I have never won anything from the raffle. And this year, I won THRICE. But because I was part of the student union, on principle, I just accepted one prize. But I was annoyed later on to find out that some of the student union executives won a couple of times and kept the prizes!

I stayed till the bitter end and helped clean up. You can usually tell who are the most dedicated executives by seeing who's left after the social. Queen and her royal subject left early. All the executives that I'm very fond of stayed till the end. At least two other executives did not helped out at all for the social. Our Forum-Rep and our webmaster. But these two have a record for never helping out at all. I'm particularly pissed at our Forum Rep because his is the only paid position and he can't be bothered to attend our meetings and help out with our events. He shouldn't be paid in my opinion.

Kris and I actually sort-of met up during one of these socials. We had already knew each other from class but the social gave us an opportunity to talk to each other. Oh! I've been bugging Kris about this: He had WON a movie double pass and I had hinted along the lines that I loved watching movies. The bastard NEVER asked me out and instead, asked another hussy out!! I'm still rather ticked off at him about that. It took him a couple of months before he finally asked me out. And oh yeah, he was very late for our first date too. So hmmrpphhh.

This social was bittersweet. For most of us, it was our last social together. We are all graduating either this or next semester. I made everyone (well, the ones that were left after the social and anyway, these were the people that I liked the best) sign Vandad's beer poster with 'millenium messages'. And we agreed to keep in touch with each other after we graduate. It was rather touching..

I am so glad that I had joined the biology student union. Yes, there were many negative memories but overall, it has enriched my university experience. I do want to keep in touch with these people. Hopefully, we would be able to meet up again in a couple of years and reminisce the fun we've had together.


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