Tuesday, November 16, 1999

perfect record, GONE!

I'm so upset. I got into a car accident today. A smear of my otherwise perfect driving record! But it wasn't my fault. I was driving up this hill in school and this car came out of nowhere into my lane and smashed into the left side of the car. It was all her fault and she admitted it right away. I was so upset because it was already a bad day for me. This was just perfect.

We pulled over to a parking lot and exchanged the usual identification stuff. My hand shook as I wrote down her license number, registration, etc. I was that upset. Plus it was pouring shits.

She tried to convince me not to go through ICBC because it was her sister's car. I didn't bother to say anything to her other than telling her over again it was her fault.

The car's fine except for a dent above the front left tire. It's not my car by the way; it's Kris'. I showed his mom the dent and she thinks that it's not worth the bother of fixing it (it's a very old car) but I think, damnit! that girl has to pay somehow! I don't think she should just get away with it. She has to learn how to drive!

It's so hard to be optimistic and think that there would be better days ahead. It just feels like I never have a 'bad day'. I have the worst days. Everything bad comes all together into one slam-bang day.

I got my economics midterm back today and was so disappointed with my mark. What killed me was these two stupid hockey application problems which I felt was North-American male biased. I informed the t.a. so in tutorial and several people emphatically agreed with me.

The t.a. in response brings out HER experience about coming to Canada from Singapore and how she took his class and was very confused with his questions but ended up with an A anyways. "You just have to read up and beat him in his own game!"

Like I'm going to start reading the sports pages to do well on an ECONOMICS midterm? Hello? It's not about beating him in his own game; it's about a group of people having the advantage over others.

I've heard similar complaints about the SATS in the states and I think I have a legitimate complaint. After all, the two hockey questions made up a huge chunk of the exam. Talk to the prof, she says. Like that's going to help. I'm going to complain on his prof evaluation.

She tells us that he's "softened over the years". Apparently, every semester, his glass door gets kicked in, and his car scratched. Ha. Well, what does that say about himself? I don't feel any better that he's "nicer" now.


There is a social this friday and the new executives are just so unorganized! It's so hard to stand back and watch them clumsily pull this social together. I've dropped a couple of hints on how to be better organized but they still leave it to the last minute. We are going to buy food on the day before the social and there is no list of food to speak of! They talk about how they'll run into SuperStore and grab whatever but it's not that easy. You have to shop around for the best bargains and food.

When we last organized the social, we assigned "leaders" where someone would be in charge of food, another in charge of beer, etc. However, this semester we have an extremely bossy person who is determined to be Queen of the BSU. She demands very short meetings (thus nothing gets done) and lords it up during the meetings.

I used to enjoy being part of the student union and now, I dread it so much. There's no communal, friendly spirit in the student union anymore. Everyone's off in their own self-serving world.

I miss the old days.


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