Thursday, November 11, 1999

red poppies

My site has been down for a couple of days now and I'm just itching to put up my new entries. I hope it goes back up again soon. But anyway, this forces me to up-date my diaryland journal which I'm getting really fond of. It's so easy to put up new entries without the whole up-loading ftp shit. Actually, I could just live here but since Mel has been so gracious in offering me space on her site, I feel that I should up-date the other site more often than this one.

It's Remembrance Day in Canada where Canadians take a day to remember and honour those who have served for their country. It's a wonderful way to tribute those who have died and suffer for their country. For the last couple of weeks, Canadians have been wearing little red poppies on their chest. I used to wear one too but this year I didn't. I sometimes wonder if I really should because I'm not Canadian.

I remember couple of years back, being in a mall with a friend and he had bought a poppy for himself from an elderly couple. The kindly older woman then asked if I wanted one too and I stammered out that "well, I'm not Canadian...." and she replied that it didn't matter and she handed one out to me.

This year, I was bugging Justin on why he wasn't wearing a poppy and Cory said to me, "wait a minute, where's yours?"

I said, "oh.. I'm not Canadian.."

He gave me the oddest look ever. Sort of a mix between consternation, annoyance and amusement.

He told me, "What about appreciating the freedom of our country?"

I pondered about that for a while and told him, "that's a really good one!"

I bought a poppy.


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