Wednesday, November 24, 1999

rest in peace, whoever you are..

I saw a dead body on my way to school today. There was an accident in the next lane and I saw them zip up a body bag on a stretcher. How awful. The weird thing is that I am still rather detached over the whole incident. I didn't see it happened; just the aftermath. But to think that there was a dead body on the next lane wasn't as unnerving as I thought it would be.

I only told Sharon about it for she was the first person I saw today and promptly forgot about it afterwards. Thinking about it now, I feel sadness for the person's family. There is no words to say..


There was a photography show in the Art Gallery today. I love looking at photographs. There is something about a captured moment that you can soak yourself in. All of the entries were really good. I admire these people for their talent. I have a penchant for photography myself but mine don't turn out as well as I hope.

I see a beautiful moment and attempt to capture it. I think I do until I get the photographs back from the developer and it just looks tacky. Oh, well. I love admiring other people's work anyways.

I was surprised that toga girl had a submission herself and it was good. It was a black & white picture of her hands. Very artsy. I took one of the art posters with the list of participants that they were giving away to put up in the common room. I've done that before. It's neat to have other people enjoy what you've enjoyed yourself. I usually circle names of profs or people who are in the department on the poster and today was no different. Even though I don't particularly like her. But she has talent and I admire her for that.

I met her in the common room and we chatted for a bit about photography. I was impressed to find out that she has a make-shift darkroom in her bathroom. That's amazing. She was pleased that I wanted to put up the poster and expressed genuine surprise that I go to these art shows. I have to admit that I find it harder to dislike her now. I see her more as a person rather than a villan. She does have her annoying flaws but so do I. I'm just glad now that we are on friendlier terms. However, the Queen is a different story altogether. She's still a major villan in my life. Along with various politicians in the ruling coalition back home. And my crazy (no glib here, she's truely wacked) aunt (by marriage).

The List is always altering.


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