Wednesday, November 17, 1999

simian ponderings

I've been looking at my picture that I *gasp* dared to put on-line and.. I've come to a startling realization that I bear a strong resemblance to an orangutan. I do. I truely do. No wonder my siblings always mock me about running off into the jungle and mating with an orangutan and having lots of orangutan babies.

And look at my grip on poor Kris. That's a strong orangutan grip right there. He ain't going anywhere from me!

I should put better pictures of myself on-line. But I used to think that this picture was one of the better pictures of myself. sigh.. can i be anymore narcisstic? I'm not. really.

Here's pros and cons about my orangutan features:

Pro: Have you noticed researchers who look like their research subject? Example: Dr. Williams. Some say he looks and walks like a penguin. He studies penguin metabolism.

I've heard unkind remarks about Birute Galdikas [famed orangutan researcher] resembling an orangutan herself. I think it's because she wears her long hair down most of the time and has the tendency to stare off into space sometimes. Oh, I do respect the woman, don't get me wrong. I took a class with her -- primate behaviour -- and it changed my life. Maybe my orangutan features is a sign that I would eventually research primates (i hope! i hope! i hope!). Not necessarily orangutans. I also have a strong interest in tarsiers and gibbons.

Con: I look like an orangutan.

Pro: High possibility of being a link between humans and apes. Can I hear, FAME? Maybe some little ka-ching?

Con: I look like an orangutan.

Pro: Free admission to the Greater Vancouver Zoological Centre. Perhaps maybe free train rides!

Con: I don't like the looks of the facilities there. Long-term stay highly unlikely.

Con: I look like an orangutan.


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