Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Thanks and random dorkiness

I was feeling very down and depressed today and an e-mail from my dearest friend really cheered me up. You know who you are; you’re one of my biggest cheerleaders. I would be lost without you.

I would also like to thank Med for that sweet impromptu entry in my guestbook. Catch you later at ICQ.

Also, kind Firda added a link to my site from one of her journal entries. She’s one of my favourite diarylanders.

Diarylanders? Is that a legitimate word? I’m tempted to add, Diarylanders, from Country of Moo.

It was a very blah day today. Nothing eventful really happened, unless you count my Economics T.A. embarrassing me again in class. The woman simply doesn’t understand the meaning of discretion. I knew I shouldn’t have been too nice on her evaluation. But, she is from Singapore and I have a soft spot for people from Southeast Asia. My people!

I remember an altercation between Malaysia and Singapore a couple of years back[don’t ask me which one, we’re always squabbling over something], and I jokingly asked Wen, one of my oldest friends here who is Singaporean, if we should stop talking. He said, “No, we’re still family, no matter what”.

I get excited whenever I hear a familiar Malaysian/Singaporean accent. I’ve actually come up to strangers and start talking to them if I think they’re from either country. I’m a big dork.

Speaking of dorkiness, here are pictures of my old school! Curious on what a school in Borneo looks like?

1.School Badge {broken link}. You had to wear that every day or risk picking up garbage around the school (if you collected enough demerits). I kept losing mine and had to buy a new one almost every month.

2.Auditorium {broken link}. Where we are corralled and forced to sing patriotic songs to our teachers once a week. Prefects(conditioning narcs. Sorry, Evette & Alicia – it has to be said) would walk up and down the aisles, intimidating with their blue ties and jackets (haa haa.. in a tropical country, even).

3.Office Block {broken link}. The principal’s and disciplinary teacher’s offices, along with the main office were on the bottom floor. The top floor is actually the poor nuns’ residence. Talk about Godly patience.

4.Classroom Block {broken link}. There are open hallways and many windows in the classrooms due to our tropical climate. However, I still don't understand why the prefects had to wear jackets. Maybe so the students could tell apart the students-in-power(narc) by how much sweat they were producing.

5.Canteen {broken link}. Aaahh.. I remember the cheap lunches. I remember how happy I was when it was laksa day. I remember breaking someone’s thermos in that right hand corner. I remember then running away.


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