Sunday, November 21, 1999

typical sunday

Here I am, spending my Sunday afternoon typing out Vandad's data for him. We are actually partners in our genetics analysis lab and I had waited too long for him to type out his share of data. I offered to do it for him because

a) I know it would take him forever to finally type out the data. And our lab report is due this Friday.

b) I use a different AND better statistical program (love JMP) than he does (crappy Excel) and it would take me just as long to convert his data into my program.

c) I love to type. This is one of the most useful things I've learnt in my life. I'm so glad that my mom made me take typing lessons.

d) No altruism here. I scratch your back. You scratch mine. My mind's a dense fog in this class. It's a miracle that I got 9/10 out of the first lab report considering I had no idea what I was saying. I had a lot of help from Vandad. Mr. Over 4.00 G.P.A. here. Of course, he had 10/10 with a "very well-done" remark.

I was a tad annoyed that he did better than I did. I had to step back and think to myself, 'woaahh!!.. wrong person to compete here!' I don't think anyone could successfully compete with Vandad. If he were interested in primatology or ethology, I would be worried. However, he's giving the other pre-med wannabes a run for their money. I know he's going to be a successful doctor one day.


The social made me re-evaluate my thoughts on drinking. You know what. I'm glad that I don't drink. Alot of people embarassed themselves that night thanks to alcohol. This particular gal all dressed up in a sheer toga with no bra (and incidentally, no sex appeal. nark.) kept jumping on and off the table (to announce the prizes -- yes, she was one of the executives. Guess which one?). At one point, she gathered up her dress sooo.. high and jumped off that you could see her underwear. And my prof just happened to be standing in front of her when it happened.

I'm glad that I can walk into school tomorrow with my head held up high. Plenty of the executives didn't drink as well. Some by choice and some, by lifestyle. And I respect them very much.

I had a very interesting conversation with a shoeless grad student who had his toenails painted gold. He was tipsy and I was very sober but we actually had a decent conversation together. I didn't need to drink to have fun. I didn't need to drink to summon up the courage to talk to my prof on a social level. However, that didn't last for long. An annoying female grad student rudely interrupted our conversation and started flirting with him(he's young and attractive). But hey, I did managed to talk to him for a while.

Actually, come to think about it - there were a good number of people present in the social who didn't drink. What was I thinking. Successful people doesn't necessary equal drinkers.

Pass me the Coke, please.


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