Saturday, December 04, 1999

chopstick night

I had dinner with Kris’ parents and brother, and his girlfriend at this great Japanese restaurant tonight. The restaurant was designed like a traditional Japanese house with large surrounding rock gardens. As we handed our coats to the coat-check person, I carefully wrapped my coat so that no-one could see the tear inside my worn winter jacket. I think the coat-check person noticed but that’s alright.

I had originally worn jeans because I didn’t think it would be so fancy. I changed my mind in the last minute to change into a long grey skirt and black leggings. Kept my blue and white thin-striped collared shirt but changed my grey sweater to a black fitted denim shirt. I’m glad I did because Luke, Kris’ brother showed up in a suit(!). His girlfriend, while she looked really nice, wasn’t dressed for the weather. She was wearing a very short skirt with very thin, skin-coloured pantyhose, a cotton jacket and sandals. I thought that was pretty weird because today was very cold. And naturally, she shivered a lot when we were walking from the parking lot.

I’ve never been to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. I was rather excited when I found that out. It was expensive though, $35 per person. Well, to me, that’s expensive.

For the appetizer, I had egg-drop soup, shiitaake mushrooms and cold shrimp salad. Entrée was salmon. There were also prawns (yummy), noodles, assorted veggies and rice.

I hid smirks at Luke’s and Andrea’s poor attempts on using chopsticks. Ok, so, they’re white but I still have a hard time believing that they have never used chopsticks until tonight. Where have you been?? They were even proud of the fact that they have never eaten in a non-white restaurant without parental coercion. How sad.

Kris, on the other hand, is a pro in using chopsticks. And he enjoys wasabe. One of the many qualities why I love him. tee hee..

Unfortunately, I was seated next to Luke which meant that I didn’t get to converse a lot and I amused myself watching chefs at other tables throwing knives in the air and starting small fires.

Luke and Kris are so very different. I sometimes dislike Luke a lot because he can be really shallow and self-absorbed. Andrea too annoys me sometimes with her constant loud giggling and her artificially high voice. Now and then, I have this great urge to shake her and tell her to act her age.

Tonight, however, I managed to have a small decent exchange of words with the both of them. So, it wasn’t so bad.

18 more days before Kris comes home!!


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