Friday, December 03, 1999

The Green Mile

Yesterday, I had received a free double movie pass to the special advance screening of The Green Mile. I went with Robynn. The movie theatre was far, all the way downtown Vancouver.

Finding the movie theatre was rather a fiasco. I had thought that I knew where it was and confidently drove to the theatre. Except, of course, it was the wrong one and we had fifteen minutes left before the movie started. I panicked and got lost in the city. Even Robynn, who had lived in B.C. all her life, her B.C. familial ties going waaayy back when her great, great, great, greatā€¦. grandfather, a doctor, was one of the co-founders of Vancouver Chinatown, had no idea where the theatre was.

"How can you not know where it is?"

"Hey, man! I'm from Coquitlam! Coquitlam all the way!"

After driving aimlessly for a while, we finally figured where it was, and it was at the opposite direction where we were heading. When we arrived at the theatre, I panicked some more. The theatre had no designated parking lot (how stupid!) and I had to park on the street. The only catch is that I cannot for the life of me, parallel-park.

After circling the block twice, I found a spot where I could parallel-park. Then there was the hunt for change for the meter. We had to beg for change for a toonie from a restaurant. The owner was quite reluctant until we said, pleeaseeeā€¦ and looked very desperate (and we were, it was past 7 pm and the movie was starting at 7).

Luckily for us, the movie started 20 minutes late. However, we were on the second row of seats. It was a small movie theatre though and therefore, it wasn't so bad seating in the front. I saw a minor celebrity, the Vancouver correspondent for MuchMusic. Terry Mulligan?

The Green Mile was definitely a tear-jerker. It was great. I figure it's one of the best movies I've seen in my time. Tom Hanks was terrific, as usual and the actor playing the mystical death-row prisoner really tugged your heart-strings. It does makes you think on the merits and demerits of the death penalty. Especially for someone from Malaysia where the death penalty is touted as necessary for society's well-being.

If you're going to see a movie this weekend, I insist you see The Green Mile. It's a tear-jerker alright (most of the audience were wiping their eyes at the end) however there are some cute, funny moments. I found The Green Mile rather spiritual, in the sense that whatever you believe in that is good, ultimately connects us in some way.

If the last sentence didn't quite make sense to you, go watch the movie.

And bring extra tissues.


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