Friday, December 10, 1999

I insist on a party hat

I think I've finally discovered how to celebrate the New Year's Eve/Millenium. Science World is hosting an alcohol-free, family-oriented (ie. safe) event. It's a visual and performing arts festival, including Celebration parades, choreographed fire displays (?!), giant drum-off of 150 African Djembes, improvisational theatre, live jazz, magicians, jugglers, musical theatre, etc. Sounds like fun!

Plus, it's relatively cheap - only $10 per person. I just sent an e-mail to Kris and if he's game, we would probably celebrate the New Year at Science World. We currently have no plans whatsoever for the New Year's and I really want to go out and do something.

I hope they're still selling tickets though. Apparently, there are only 10, 000 tickets to be sold.

The people whom I've talked to about new year's ,are having a very low-key celebration, if any. I think it's mostly to do with money. University students just don't have any cash to throw around. I've looked at other events and the costs are in the hundreds. It's crazy.


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