Sunday, December 05, 1999

I never liked Sundays

I loaded my backpack with notebooks and headed to school. Only I changed my mind on the way and went to Chapters instead. And spent the whole afternoon there. Finals are a-coming and I know that I have to study but I’m so sick of my school. It’s ugly, it’s grey, it’s all concrete. On a dismal day like this, it’s so depressing to be at school with its closed cement walls. People have killed themselves there. It can be that depressing.

I’m just so sick of being at school every day, including weekends. I spent Saturday there but it wasn’t so bad because it was a clear day. One of my sweet studying spots is the map room, on highest floor of the library. It’s very quiet and has large tables, besides study carrels. On a clear day, you could see downtown Vancouver and the ocean. It’s lovely.

But on a cloudy, miserable day like this, all you could see are thick grey clouds. Combine that with the all-concrete design of the school (futuristic, they say, ha!), it feels like you’re in a mental institution. Not that I’m talking from experience, or anything like that.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the semester and my finals start next week.

I’m petrified.


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