Thursday, December 09, 1999

i'm nice, really.

I’ve just discovered why I dislike Kris’ brother’s girlfriend so much. She’s straight from a Barbara Cartland novel. She talks in an artificially high voice with punctuating high-pitched giggles and most irritating of all, she says “ohhhhhh…….” a lot. She sighs. In every sentence. It makes me want to slap her. I don’t know why I’m so irritable these days. Must be final-stress.

You know what’s odd? I think in some way, I feel threatened by her. Like Kris’ family would like her more than they like me. That’s so dumb of me but I think it’s true. It’s female-female competition. But it’s not like we’re after the same man (ewwww….). I don’t even like Luke.

Sometimes, I really want for us to be friends, because it would be rather neat. But then, I meet her and she just drives me crazy with her crazy talk.

Like when she mentioned about wanting to travel to Egypt one day. I perked up and asked her if she was interested in the pyramids, Egypt’s fascinating history.. She gave me a blank look and said that she just wanted to wear an ‘authentic’ Cleopatra costume.

The conversation pretty much went dead from that point.


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