Thursday, December 09, 1999


I’m getting little choked up with frustration here.. I met up with Vandad today to work on our lab report only he was an hour late. I saw his lab partner for another class waiting for him as well to work on their lab report. He arrives and announces that he just has to work on the another lab report.

“Can you just wait around till I’m done with this?” he asks.

I ask him how long will it take. He tells me the whole day? Hello? He then tells me to call him tonight. I’m so frustrated because what we’re working on cannot be just ‘talked over the phone’. He doesn’t even seem concerned about our lab report. I’m so incredibly pissed at him. It’s due tomorrow, for freaking sakes!!

He didn’t even bring his share of his data. So it’s not like I can go away and work on it myself. He’s really being a very inconsiderate jerk. I’m not working again with him ever.

We’re supposed to meet again tomorrow. I’m going to call him tonight and harass him to make sure he shows up AND brings his data. I don’t freaking care that he has other lab reports due. It’s so rude and inconsiderate to keep your lab partner in the lurch till the very last minute over and over. Oh great, I have to work on my lab report on the day it’s due. Thanks a lot, man.


Overheard in the computer lab today: “So, I have this final tomorrow that I haven’t even started studying for!”

Man, I think they’re either a)lying b)first-year

If you haven’t even started studying for a final the day before, you might as well not show up. You’ll get the same results either way.

Panic, panic.. I wish I had finals this week. The anticipation is killing me.


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