Tuesday, June 27, 2000

never say never

It’s definitely been a very interesting summer so far. I feel sometimes like my life is a soap opera. Nothing ever appears straightforward. Like my advisor and project for example. It’s a very, very touchy issue at this moment and I really can’t say what’s happening right now. Currently, I’m in limbo and I’m not as stressed-out as I think I should feel. It’s all due to the great company I keep of course.

It’s funny. People whom you thought were cool are now kinda bitchy. People whom you never really noticed before are now extremely cool and fun to be around with. All credit for the fun, fun summer I’m having so far goes to Melanie, the girl from Hawaii.

It’s amazing – how close we’ve become in the last couple of weeks. We’ve totally clicked, man. Seriously. I love this girl to pieces. She’s got the greatest sense of humour and we’re always cracking up each day. She’s also extremely kind and considerate.

I honestly feel that I would not be having this much fun if she wasn’t here. It feels so great to have a best friend here this summer. Not only that, we hang around the coolest people. Our group is the largest of the bunch, spanning four apartments. The other people have more or less stuck to their own little selfish cliques. My humble opinion, of course.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say that I don’t dislike anyone. There is one racist in the group and also, there are some who are pretty stuck-up on themselves. Luckily, they’re in the minority and we don’t socialize with them anyway.

Oh! I have American friends! I truly do have close American friends! How weird is that for me?? I have to admit that I was rather anti-American before I arrived here. I even made a vow about one year ago to never step foot in the States ever again.

And last weekend, I was on steps of Capitol Hill, admiring the architecture. Me, the anti-American, truly enjoying myself and my dear friends in the capitol of the U.S. of A.

Never say never, is my current philosophy.


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