Thursday, March 01, 2001

of alien nature

I’m feeling a tad more cheerful. I recently received an e-mail from a male friend, who upon hearing the news that I had broken up with my boyfriend, is very enthusiastic that I’m single once more. I don’t know if he’s being totally serious or this is some Weird Guy Thing to cheer me up. In any event, it did cheer me up.

However, I’m not interested these days about getting into a new relationship. I don’t have any experience in this but I’m willing to bet that any new feelings I have over a guy would be of a rebound nature. Anyway, he’s just a friend to me. Plus, he’s on the other side of the world.

Long distance relationships suck.

Well, they don’t suck so much if both people are committed to it.

This may be my famous last words but I just don’t see myself ending up with a local guy. I just haven’t met a lot of locals who are not materialistic, open-minded, genuinely interested in conservation, not biased towards anything ‘Western’, reads a lot, not chauvinistic, not afraid to rock the boat, etc. The most important thing is to have an open mind. The ones that I have met who have the above characteristics interestingly have studied overseas for many years.

Not that I’m saying that everyone without an overseas education do not have the above characteristics, for not all locals who have lived overseas have come back with an open mind, etc.. Sometimes, they’re even more chauvinistic towards the West and I figure that’s because all those years overseas were wasted just hanging around with people of the same nationality, too afraid to meet anyone new, anyone different.

I, myself, used to blindly accept whatever the government said before I left for overseas. Living in North America taught me how to think critically and not accept things at face value. I learned to stand up for myself and for what I believed in. Most people here think I’m still pretty quiet but that’s because I don’t like to impose myself unto others. You learn a lot more by listening than saying whatever’s in your head.

Sigh, the last time I stood up for myself and for others, I got into major trouble and was told off for acting very ‘unlocallike’.

I disagree. I was born and bred here. I may be different from you but it doesn’t make me any less local.

This is my home.


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