Friday, February 08, 2002

A chimp would have done a better job in interviewing me.

Last showing of LOTR today in the local movie theater. You know what I'm up to tonight.

I'm not entirely sure how many times I've seen the movie; I stopped counting after no. 12 because I figured that it probably wasn't a good thing to admit to anyone. And then came that embarrassing newspaper article. I knew I should have used a pseudonym like Uruk-"I'll rip your head off if you misquote me and make me out like a bloomin' idiot" hai. Something like that. How annoying, I'm only clever after the moment's passed.

Anyhoo, I was cleaning out my desk today and I came across a couple of unsent letters. They were written when I was in the field last year and it was interesting to remember how clearly frustrated I was with everything:

"There's none of this Jane Goodall shit where the monkeys* embrace me as one of their own and forage, fight and f**** right in front of me. Stupid nature documentaries."

There's a long, rambling letter to a friend in Canada that goes on for four pages, front and back. The content is mostly embarrassing. That's not going to be sent, ever. See how procrastination pays off from time to time??

*ya, ya, chimp = ape = not monkey**.
**stupid monkey.


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