Saturday, March 02, 2002

This is a prolonged moment of self-pity.

Here is a life hint that may prove vital in the future:
After two weeks on a diet very low in fat, do not, I repeat, do not gorge on fatty foods such as a cheeseburger from a dodgy burger stand, a tuna sandwich and a banana shake from a deli on the day you come out from the field.

Last night was a melody of bad stomach cramps and puking one's guts out. For an encore, I now have diarrhea, which maybe a little more information than one needs right now but did I mention that I'm wallowing in self-pity?

Well, my first on-line purchase finally came and it's cheering me up. Viggo Mortensen's "Signlanguage" came by the post in fairly good condition, thankfully. I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed because I had thought that the book would feature a lot of his musings and poems. There's this nice introduction by some guy and lots of photographs. I had thought that the photographs would include observations by Viggo (like the two I downloaded on-line) but they stand alone. I'm miffed that the black-&-white photograph of Elijah has been reduced in size (it's the smallest picture in the book!) and there's no picture of Orlando Bloom putting on his contacts! Well, there are nice photographs of Dominic Monaghan and Eomer. But it's not all about LOTR because I appreciated the rest of the photographs as well (some include photographs of his paintings). I'm very much disappointed with the binding of the book for it was done rather shoddily. But ah well, all-in-all, I'm still glad that I ordered it.

And now, I shall write my good and bad exciting news in a separate entry, if my bowels would cooperate.

p/s thank you for the many sweet comments in the previous entry! You guys really cheered me up, you know??


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