Monday, December 02, 2002

Last minute flurries

In less than twenty-four hours, I will be on a flight towards Melbourne!!!

My flight path leaves Kuching at 1745, reach K.L., don't know when. Hang around KLIA for several hours before my night flight to Melbourne. I've got four bookcrossing books to release at the airport and in Melbourne although after hearing stories of people mistaking bookcrossing books as bombs, maybe I'll be a little more discreet leaving them around. Or bring them all the way to Melbourne and release them there?

See where your books run at See where my books are running at

And ok, latest news reports from Australia isn't helping!! Now Paul Howard wants to launch a pre-emptive strike against terrorists in neighbouring countries. Just last week, the Malaysian federal International Trade and Industry minister had her bags checked by sniffer dogs (which still doesn't top the event where the future Malaysian Prime Minister was made to TAKE OFF HIS SHOES AND BELT in an American airport - because you know, that's how terrorists are striking next, through Malaysian leaders).

I really don't know what the mood is like in Melbourne, regarding visible Muslims. People say, why do you care? You're not Muslim. However, my new friend is (she wears a headscarf or tudung) and we're both concerned about her safety, or at least her dignity.

I'm also stuck with travelling plans that extend way beyond my time away from work (I leave on the 23rd!!) - there was some mix-up. I tried to change the ticket here but because it was issued in Melbourne, I can't do anything until I get there.

I also haven't made any plans beyond the earthwatch stuff, other than spending a couple more days with new friend and potentially crazy stalker. New friend leaves on the 17th, leaving me with P.C.S. who is adamant that I shouldn't visit Sydney (because she's already been there and she thinks that we're travelling together - we're not!).

And the only reason why I want to go to Sydney is to catch the world premiere of the Two Towers, which I know is SO LAME but part of me wants to see the actors walk into the theater. Does the movie really mean that much to me? But then I think to myself, since I'm already in AUSTRALIA, why not go all the way?

Gah, in any case, I haven't made any plans/bookings either way.

Why do I leave everything at the last minute?


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