Saturday, December 07, 2002


Seven Days was filming up at school today. I didn't get to see the actual filming but I saw those pink arrow signs and of course, a parking lot blocked-off just for the film crew.

I once saw filming for the Millennium up at school a couple years ago, before it was popular (and now it's cancelled, go figure). Peering down from the fifth floor of the AQ, I saw Lance Henrikssen pacing. At that time, I didn't know who he was but he looked really familiar to me. I also watched the extras walking back and forth over and over again for the longest time. They were even directed to place their hands a certain way, look at a certain placeā€¦. It's pretty ridiculous when you think about it. All that time they spend on the extras and when you see the actual episode (which I did), their moment is just a blip. I think I recognized a fellow student as one of the extras. I can't believe that he spent hours walking back and forth and he wasn't even in the episode. I looked long and hard for that guy.

One of my classmates is actually a professional extra. He's even registered in this talent agency that calls him up whenever they need extras. According to him, he was in that Chinatown episode of the X-Files.

"Did you see me?" he asked me.

"No, I don't think so. What lines did you have?"

"None - I just crossed the street"


Oh! I had a lucky sign today. I saw a bobcat at school! It was extremely exciting. I was driving down the mountain and I saw this animal crossing the street. It wasn't a coyote for sure. I'm pretty sure it's a bobcat because of the rounded ears, cat-like rump and the stumpy tail. I started screaming, "oh, my god!" over and over again (yes, I'm pretty excitable) and screeched my car to a halt.

See, I believe it's a very good sign whenever I see rare wildlife. A shaman-like sign, if you will. I'm hoping it means good luck for my finals because I'm so stressing over them.

Bobcats don't just cross the road for any reason.


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