Sunday, December 22, 2002

Thinking of..

the rainforests of the Victoria highlands in Australia.

I've always loved British Columbia but I must say that I was blown away by the beauty of the rainforest in the central highlands of Victoria.

Think of very cool weather, tall eucalypt forests of mountain gum, towering tree ferns that remind me of a prehistoric era, and suddenly you hear harsh cries above... You turn your head upwards and see brightly red coloured king parrots! Such birds that one usually associate with the tropics, are found in this forest in cold weather.

The contrast just blew me away. I loved watching the birds. Yep, saw kookaburras in the wild as well, mountain brushtail possums, feathered glider, yellow-bellied glider, greater glider, agile antechinus, bush rats (hey, they're pretty exciting when you get to handle them!!), and a galloping koala! When on ground, they're pretty swift. It was so exciting.

I miss the smell of the forests already... I have to go back, I need to go back!!


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