Thursday, December 19, 2002

Whoops, still in Melbourne

Yup, I changed my airline ticket yet again and am FINALLY leaving on the 21st of December. I didn't really want to leave so soon and so, decided to remain here for a couple of days. Did the Great Ocean Road tour a couple of days ago, which was amazing. Went on a small backpacker tour bus with a driver named David. I think all Aussie males are named David. It's very odd.

I would love to talk more about my Earthwatch experience but it's probably something that I would save when I get home on Sunday.

I didn't expect to have so much fun!! I didn't expect to truly enjoy every single person in the group. I didn't expect vigorous fieldwork, which I ultimately enjoyed anyway. And you know, I didn't expect SNOW.

Yup, so all you people who nixed the idea on thermal underwear, gloves, toque/beanie/hat, etc. - I LAUGH! I was so incredibly cold.

Snow in an Australian summer? It's just crazy but I love this country already.


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