Saturday, January 18, 2003

Feelin' positively fine.

I just came back from a committee meeting of the local astronomy society. It was very interesting.. For one thing, it was entirely conducted in Malay. I can't remember the last time I attended an all-Malay speaking meeting. Combined with the youthfulness of the committee, I felt like I was back in secondary school.

I was invited to attend the meeting as a rep for my nature society for they're interested in co-hosting events with us. There's potential for future collaboration and it's so nice to meet committed young Malaysians. But gosh, there's a huge difference between how the meetings are run between the societies. We're more formal and organized than I thought!

They're so young (and I feel rather silly saying this because they can't be much younger than I am!) and enthusiastic. It'd be nice to see how this society progresses despite the inexperience of its committee. Whatever they lack in experience, they make up for it with great enthusiasm. And that's wonderful.

The meeting was held at the civic center and on weekends, it's pretty common to see groups of marching students in the parking lot. Gosh, today was just a flashback of school memories. I used to march in school too, for various organisations (because it was compulsory). And I hated it so much. I was always in mis-step, marching on my own beat. Pretty embarrassing then. Couldn't figure out why I was always in mis-step, in marching formations and everything else. I greatly appreciate my individuality now, but a decade ago, life was lonesome.

Life feels good now. I feel so lucky to have the kind of people I have around me. It's finally stopped raining, the sun's out, blue skies around, and I just have this smile on my face.


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