Monday, January 20, 2003

Funny, life.

The SPCA rep postponed the trip til tomorrow morning. I went back there again anyway and it was pretty much the same, except today, the poor elephant was hunched against two shipping containers, trying to get some shade and avoiding curious on-lookers at the same time.

Funny how things changed. My sister reminded me how much I used to enjoy the circus and its performing animals. In fact, when we were kids, the SPCA once organized a trip to the circus for its youth members! That's pretty mad. Thankfully, they have a really good committee this time around, particularly the rep that I'm meeting tomorrow. She's the reason why they're doing good work lately. And she happens to be a friend of mine. I like to surround myself with good people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday, I met an old classmate from secondary school. I didn't really want to talk to her because we were ambivalent friends, at best, then. But she came up to me and called my name so I couldn't really feign ignorance.

She's lost a lot of weight since secondary school and she looks good. She gave me the Look twice. You know what I mean about the Look. It's the scrutinizing look (the 'once-over'??) that some girls give to other girls because they think that they are in competition with every single girl out there. It's so blatantly obvious, the eyeball rolling. I've always wondered, why can't they Look discretely? But I think that is the whole idea of the Look: to let the other person know that they are currently being assessed right there and now and soon, judgment would be proclaimed: I am PRETTIER than you!

She pursed her lips and told me that I look pretty much the same (I've since learnt to turn this into a compliment: look the same = looking young! = turning 27 this year makes me want to remain looking young). There was this obligatory pause where she waited for me to exclaim how much better she looks today. I think it's funny when I pretend not to know what the other person wants me to say.

After some empty talk, she enquired why I came back home, after spending years in Canada. I told her that I am pretty much successfully following my passion here: working in wildlife conservation, studying wild primates, can't study primates in Canada!

My earnest explanation resulted into completely blank look from her, "so, whhhhy.. did you come back??"

I have to admit, sometimes I wonder that myself too. It's still the best decision that I've made so far in my life though. But it's not to say that it has been really easy living it.

Funny, life.


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