Wednesday, January 08, 2003

In which Sam, the fat hobbit, has the last word.

The beginning of the year 2003 has been pretty confusing for me. I came pretty close to not wanting to do the orangutan project until I talked it out with a couple of close friends and my supervisor. They made me realize that the doubts I had were not so much of a gut instinct of what was going to happen but rather, the fear of the unknown. My supervisor says that it's healthy to have doubts before any start of a project, that otherwise, he would be concerned that I wasn't taking this project seriously enough.

There are new complications with the project however and it's very worrisome but at least, I feel right now that I won't have to handle it on my own, and that my supervisor and colleagues will always be there for support.

So for the next two years, I will be stationed in the jungle most of the time. A friend asked what my cabin would be like.... Cabin? What cabin? I'll be camping in the jungle! One tarp sheet, an army hammock, the great outdoors for my basic needs.. It's going to be very hilly terrain, lots of leeches, and definitely very few orangutan sightings..



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