Tuesday, January 28, 2003

ooo..... ice... nice...

It's so, so hot today. I need to look at my snow pictures from Australia to remind myself that yes, it was just last month that I experienced snow. I need to remember those nights after stag watching where I was so cold that sometimes, I needed a glass of port to warm up. Hmm.. there was always alcohol provided every day during the camp. It was only later did I find out that a few volunteers had been supplying all of us with alcohol. I had thought it was part of the camp goodness. I feel pretty bad for not contributing to that particular kitty.

I made a lot of stupid assumptions during the camp. Ah well, live long and learn or something like that.

I finally got my pay today, with a very nice raise. I wanted to go out and spend some good money until I realized that I already did - in Melbourne. So at least now, I've paid off those bills. What on earth did I spend the money on? A significant part of it was for work (camping stores, yea) and accommodation (although we did get a really good deal on that, I think).

I just realized that I've never really written about my time in Australia. Well, Melbourne's a nice city, much more cosmopolitan than I thought. The people were friendlier than I expected. I really liked that.

Hmm, today, I shall write about the fashion - the fashion in Australia's pretty, well, interesting, I guess. I've heard from friends who've lived in Australia that the fashion is pretty atrocious, which made me pretty eager to witness it for myself.

(Heh. One EW volunteer had made a remark that while Australia seemed pretty advanced in most aspects, when it comes to fashion, they may have missed the boat - or had docked permanently in the eighties. I shall refrain from passing judgment. Below is just what I observed on the streets of Melbourne.)

Melbourne, in particular, is all about denim shirts (and skirts), white frilly skirts, and belly baring. I'm probably missing a couple key fashion points but that's all that stood out for me. It was also so bizarre to see girls in their twenties WEARING.THE.EXACT.SAME.OUTFIT. Lots of 'em!

It was disappointing to clothes-shop in Melbourne because the current fashion fad was all about gypsy, which is so not my style. It was impossible to find classic fashion styles, unfussy, no frills, etc. Aside from hiking pants (work!), I bought jeans and an A-line denim skirt (which I thought that I would never wear, much less buy!! When in Rome??). No tops. I couldn't find any that didn't have any fringes hanging off it, ruffles on the bottom, and puffy sleeves.

Frivolous entry, bah.

I should do more of 'em.


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