Monday, January 13, 2003

To a full notch's worth

The nature society that I volunteer for has a weekly column in a local newspaper. Last weekend was my weekend to "shine" as I had an article published in that column. No biggie. It was easy and fun to write for as the topic was about my intern experience at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum two years ago. The research intern programme is held every summer, and it's a great (all-expenses paid!) opportunity for undergraduates to learn more about museum research under the supervision of Smithsonian scientists and through a well-designed programme of insider museum tours, talks and seminars. I felt that it was important to let young Malaysians know about this programme and hopefully, take part in it.

Seeing my name on the by-line was pretty cool. The chairman of the society e-mailed me and told me how impressed he was by the article and that I had risen "half a notch" in his esteem for me. To which, I replied, "What happened to the rest of the notch???"


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