Saturday, May 08, 2004

Globetrotting dreams

Ok, so it’s 1.18 a.m. and my eyelids are firmly wide open. I should have been fast asleep three hours ago.

I was sitting in front of the t.v. for a couple of hours without the foggiest idea what was actually on. I think there was some Survivor on but I quickly lost interest because my favourites (Lex, Shii Ann, Kathy) were booted off, much to my chagrin. Anyway, Amazing Race is the most fascinating reality tv of the lot. Ah, to travel the world and win a million bucks!

I ended up watching the travel network - GlobeTrekkers was on. The particular episode I was watching featured Java and Sumatra. I used to be so annoyed of the bimboness that is the blonde chick host but ya know what, she's been growing on me. But Ian Wright is still my favourite. (But his live tv show has got to go)

Ah the temples of the Borobudur! I musta musta see a stupa. I've been talking about making a trip down to Java sometime this year (by latest, next year) but I haven't seriously made proper plans for it yet. It's so hard right now with my work schedule where I only get to spend a week in town every month (and the date varies all the time). There's no room to take time off at the moment - or as I see it for the rest of the year. But next year, might be very different, so there might be lots of time off for travelling. Yea!

One thing for sure, if I'm going off to places such as Java, I'm just dying to go on my own. Why? I think the benefits of travelling solo outweigh the cons. There's a great danger of travelling with friends - as much as you love them, it's a different scenario when you're in a new environment and you want to do different things. I would hate to travel with a friend and end up being enemies at the departure gate.

I have travelled with friends before - a girly shopping trip to Kuala Lumpur. Oh, we had loads of fun - the five of us. But at some point, I felt relieved that the trip was only for four days. I was starting to feel claustrophobic and yes, endless shopping can be quite traumatic, not only to your wallet. I was getting sick of the malls!

As much as I appreciate the different personalities of my friends, I can see some of their quirkiness could spark disaster when it comes to ACTUAL travelling. For example, Friend X is loads of fun to be with, great conversationalist but can be very impatient during an activity that you enjoy (e.g. browsing for handicrafts or painting spots on giraffe). X has a tendency to walk out of places, without a word, expecting friend to leave immediately (and run after her).

I'm just better off travelling on my own.