Sunday, May 09, 2004

I broke down today and bought the Buffy (Season 4) DVD set. ………

I also needed some tunes for the long road trip and so I bought the Strokes and Joss Stone cassette tapes. When the cashier added up the loot, I made a silent eeeeeep at the overall price. On the bright side, I’ve slapped a temporary self-ban on buying CDs (only the originals for me). And tapes are cheaper. And I have a long road trip tomorrow. And yes, I do feel better making justifications for my spending. It’s my hard-earned money, damnit. At least I don’t spend money on silly makeup and clothes (well, temporarily for the latter. Kuching isn’t exactly the high end of fashion unless you’re a fashionable Ah Lian).

The cashier threw in a couple of free posters with the lot. The posters were of some fruity looking Hong Kong male pop act and Shakira. Aren’t I being punished enough?


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