Sunday, June 06, 2004

Blog break

There won’t be any blog entries for about ten days, two weeks at the most, starting tomorrow. I’d be away for work. First, there would be a lone four and a half hour commute to no man’s blogland, where my boss thoughtfully provided a sawed off mop handle for protection. My Guatemalan cloth sling bag could do more damage - sheesh. Then an hour’s longboat ride, where I try not to snooze and fall off the narrow boat. And for the rest of the trip, I would be in company of men who think I’m nuts to be in this line of work. I love what I do but the prolonged isolation can get dreary, especially when I’m the only woman miles around. During my off-time, I read lots of books, write in my diary, listen to CDs, swim, attempt to learn Spanish, play gin-rummy with my assistants (I taught them the card game), and sleep.. Sleep is very good. So yeah, sometimes, it does feel like a vacation. Except when it becomes most of your life (as it is now), and these days, I feel that being back in town is a vacation for me. Overall, I think I need a holiday. Nepal’s been on my mind lately, especially since a friend of mine just got back from Nepal. I figure, if she could do it, so can I! Although she did go with a couple of friends, and I’m keen to go on my own. Or maybe I’d start off with Bali first….. (blathering about travel plans, am sparing you the rest)..

So anyway, be good and I’m leaving you with some neat links:

Flowerdrum: I love bags, especially casual, quirky bags. I can never have too many… although come to think about it, that philosophy applies to accessories, clothes, books… never mind. Anyway, Flowerdrum wholly Malaysian and it’s so very important to support our home-grown designers.

Speaking of supporting local artistes, Pete Teo comes to mind. He has his own weblog and actually took the time to send an e-mail to me about a comment I wrote. Aawww.. what a nice guy! In his latest entry, he relates his frustration about trying to sell his music against the face of music piracy, “format radios, restrictive practices and public indifference”. Make a difference and buy his music at the musiccanteen (another cool Malaysian site).

One event that I’m really looking forward to this year is the Rainforest World Music Festival. This is the official site for the RWMF but I hear that there’s a local fan site coming up. I had a sneak peek and it’s looking really good – love the fashion guides. Watch out for its opening announcement here (proprietor of RWMF fan site).

One of my favourite sites is – I’ve been following her site for years. I love the endless optimism and goodwill that she puts out on her site. Speaking of good will and on-line happiness, I also read Julie takes amazing photos too.

I recently discovered the Sarong Party Girl. I think she’s hilarious. So you’re an Asian chick with the ambition to snag a white guy, the Sarong Party Girl will show you how (obligatory disclaimer of not having said ambition).

Omigod – it’s 1:30 a.m. Gotta get some sleep for tomorrow’s long drive. Seeya.


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