Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Prettier than you

So Miss Universe 2004 came and went, ho hum. And oh, our Miss Malaysia is chubby – wah, wah. Get over yourselves, people. It’s just another dumb beauty contest. I loved the fact that one of the judges is a reality tv participant. That’s how dumb it is. Ok, I admit – I watched part of the live telecast but got bored less than halfway through the show and fell asleep.

Here are pictures of Miss Malaysia:
Portrait :: Fashion (she looks her best here) :: Swim :: Gown :: Costume

I had my own Miss Universe moment yesterday when a Gawai visitor said that I should join the Kumang Gawai beauty contest. My dad had this incredulous look on his face – thanks, dad! I think the visitor was just happy that I served him a drink. If it were only that easy to get compliments. Although, it wasn’t surprising that my benefactor was over 50 because apparently, only old men find me attractive. Or at least, they’re the only ones who pay me compliments or try to make a move (!!??!!!!). Stupid young men, and creepy old men!

Anyway, met up with an old friend last night. It’s been three years since we saw each other and e-mail contact was very sporadic, at best. But when I saw her, it was just like old times, like she hadn’t left at all. We just yakked away - of course there was a lot to catch up on and lots of reminiscing. She’s definitely an old soul and one of the few who are genuinely nice. Of course, some would call her naïve but at this day and age, I feel that it’s just refreshing to know someone whose innocence is real. I’m not saying that she has had a sheltered life – she’s actually gone through some tough times but yet still maintained her inner purity. She’s also a devout Christian, which is something that we differ at. Religion is a touchy subject with me. I think faith is something very powerful and personal, and way beyond the socializing after church which is my impression of why some people attend churches here. I’m not sure how to classify my beliefs but I do know that I feel uncomfortable with the labelling and the exclusiveness that comes with organized religions.

Hey, here’s something that Miss Universe and religion have in common – superficiality. Everyone is so concerned on how the outside package looks like; the inner package doesn’t seem to matter as much. Yet at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s what you believe for yourself, innit?


At 12:18 AM, Blogger Bertha said...

Oi! Miss Msia needs to get into yoga or pilates to tone up her abs, man!

Didn't even know the context was on. :D Context? Ouch! Brain in work-mode, sorry. But I do understand - and share - your sentiments on religion. I find that a lot of extremely religous people are not only superficial but also hypocritical.

Faith is a powerful emotion, and while it may move some people to try their hand at conversion, they always forget that you can't force it down people's throats. Not to mention I've always had issues with the way organised religion views women and sexuality, among other things.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

Bertha, there's an even more unflattering photo of Miss Malaysia in a bikini - I too lazy to find linky right now. I think it's a bit of a shame because she's sooo young (only 19), she could have waited a few more years before joining the pageant.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Bertha said...

Don't they have to start young anyway? Always thought these beauty pageants work roughly the same way as society - if you're still single by the age of 25, your value drops. By the time you're 27/28, your 'market value' should have a 70% discount or something. Was actually told that by someone. Of course by a Kch guy! *rolls eyes*

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

Surprisingly, a good number of the Miss Universe participants were in the early and mid twenties. Miss USA is in her mid twenties. The first & second runner up of Miss Malaysia were in the mid twenties. I guess I was thinking of more in the lines of if Andrea Fonseka had waited a couple more years, drop the baby fat and gain all the wisdom & knowledge that we have in our twenties ;-D, she'd be stunning.

Most Kuching boys are dumb - that's already been proven, sadly. I also know this guy who's in his 30's who will not marry (because in his world, no such thing as datelah) a woman over 25 because after that she's "expired goods". Of course, he's been wanting to get married since 18 and he has never had a girlfriend since then so go figure.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger bayibhyap said...

I think Miss Malaysia is pretty but she was overweight for a world class contest and should have shed at least 4 or 5 kg before the contest. After all she was representing Malaysia.

cayce, I have a friend like your Kuching bachelor. He kept waiting for a girl about 18 with a body to die for to come his way. He did not realise that he had less and less to offer as he waited. Today he is in his early forties and is still single (not by choice, I know for sure!). Unfortunately for him, his hairline is receding quite obviously and most of the girls in their twenties call him "Uncle", much to his consternation! I always joke by telling him that it isn't just a loss (of hair) to him. He has gained more face (with the receding hairline)! Sometimes, Providence has a nasty way of dispensing poetic justice!!! He he he...


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