Friday, June 04, 2004

Prisoner of Azkaban

Definitely, the Prisoner of Azkaban is my personal favourite out of the three Harry Potter movies so far. It had more grit and feeling than the other two. I went to the theater with an open mind, determined not to compare the movie and the book because you’re bound to be disappointed anyway.

And I liked it, but not in an OMIGODIT’STHECOOLESTMOVIE ever! Because I’m a little too old for that. Anyway, the LOTR trilogy is one of the coolest movies ever - so there.

They changed directors for PoA and Cuaron did a good job in condensing the book into a 2 hour plus movie. I’m not even bugged that he flipped some of the story chronology around. I mean, there’s only so much you could fit into a movie. Cuaron chose to concentrate on the main storyline and fritter down the rest.

There is a distinctive difference to PoA compared to the other two HP movies. I appreciated the fact that we got to see more of the environment outside of Hogwarts. The rolling hills, the vastness of the lake, the wide, serene emptiness that surrounded Hogwarts were a good contrast to the inner turmoil inside the castle. I also like the touch of going through the inner mechanisms of the Great Clock when Hermione and Harry went back into time. I was told that Cuaron had his own personal touch – the Mexican shrunken heads? And oh yes, loved the Knight bus and its occupants! I swear, we have drivers like that here. And a lot of shrunken heads too.

Casting was great – Sirius, Professor Trewaley, Lupin and even the Fat Lady were what I had imagined from the book. This brings up an important point: I think anyone’s impression of the movie would be greatly influenced from what you had imagined for yourself after reading PoA - which makes every personal review valid, really. Rowlings created the world of Harry Potter, Cuaron interpreted it for the big screen. Did it work for me? A heartfelt yes.

And oh, Padma (Parvati?) is such a cutie! She needs more screentime. *adoration*


At 3:20 PM, Blogger sarah said...

I am dying to watch this movie.. ugh cannot believe I missed the opening day! :p but it's good to hear that its the best installment so far.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Bertha said...

Probably the only person in the world who isn't a fan of HP, but even the trailer for this 3rd film looked interesting. Tickets are still hard to come by here due to it being school holiday and all, so we're waiting for things to calm down for a bit first.

Oh, and I didn't watch the 1st 2 films either. Should be interesting going in knowing next to nothing about HP except for what has been written about it in the media.

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Bertha, I'm not a HP fan either. Never read the books (but giving it a try now), saw on the 1st movie and a bit of the 2nd one. But I do recommend watching this particular HP movie. Like Cayce, I do believe this is a better HP movie. I liked it too. - Andrea

At 9:42 AM, Blogger bayibhyap said...

I have never been a HP fan but I did watch the first two movies and enjoyed them tremendously.

I don't know if one woould enjoy the movie better by reading the book first. You actually know the story line and how the ending's going to be and may not get your money's worth. But then, the scenery comes to life in a most vivid manner in ways that you did not imagine when you read the book.

Either way, I have too many reading material to catch up with and hence, I have chosen not to read the book. I would rather slouch into a cinema seat comfortably and let the show lead my mind. I have high expectations, having read such rave reviews as yours!

I am watching the movie today!! The ticket's in my pocket (Gosh! The long queues can make you faint!).

At 1:37 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

Sarah, Bertha, and bayhipyap, I hope you enjoy the movie!


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