Thursday, August 26, 2004

poor boar!

poor boar!
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Who honestly goes and identifies rotting carcasses just before lunch? Eeerrr.... me that's who. I remember someone telling me to view it as just "food". Yeah, right. I don't how you prepare your food but I don't usually take my meat rancid, thankyouverymuch. The smell was enough to make me turn vegetarian, which is actually something that I've been seriously considering lately. I've already cut down on red meat and am only eating chicken and fish (besides the usual greenies, of course). It may not seem like much but then again, I come from a home where it's not uncommon to find pork's head happily roasting away on the stove and my dad yelling, "Who wants the pig's ear? Who wants the pig's ear? Because there are only two of them, ya know."

When I was growing up, my favourite dish was pig's blood pudding. Yummy. It was like red jello but saltier. And then one day, I found out what the main ingredient was (my sis told me with an evil gleam in her eye when I was happily tucking in). I couldn't eat it anymore, much to my mom's annoyance (and my sister's glee).

But anyway, back to rotting carcasses. It was for work, for a good cause. Despite messing around with rancid meat late this morning, I feel rather rejuvenated after a long spiel of work fatigue. What am I doing? Where are my efforts going into? Am I making a difference?

I think I am.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Kamigoroshi said...

Well...I don't know. I'm kinda used to it. What about medical students or veternarians? I'm sure they're just as used to it. I've watched too many bloody "documentaries" (read Faces of Death) and done too many assignments on post mortem timelines to go squemish now. Considering I usually eat while look at these things...:P

You get used to the smell too...personally Durian smells worse...:P

At 8:30 PM, Blogger mac said...

The smell of a roasting boar's head always brings back good, good memories of past and of distant past.

So, what happened to the boar in the picture ?

An opinion. Hunting for any other purpose other than food or basic neccessities is immoral.

And how the heck do you eat pig's blood. Of all the bits from an animal, blood and liver are two that I cannot stand...

At 1:35 AM, Blogger sativa said...

well if you want to be vegetarian, i can accompany you :) I'm an occasional vegetarian. I actually don't mind being one.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Jason said...

If you don't like this picture try attending a conference session on the bushmeat trade!

I've always wanted to find a dead boar in the forest; I think I've smelled one before. At least it wasn't an elephant!


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