Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bali: never say goodbye

And so thus ended my travel log from Bali - unless I get really bored during the hours of waiting for my plane and blog again.

It is my last morning in Bali. I took an early walk on the beach, around half past 7. Much to my surprise, there were tons of people on the beach, many Balinese families and some grizzled white tourists. The young folks are recovering from hangovers from the night before. I never did get to see the nightlife of Kuta. I originally wanted to try it at least once but I spent all day walking that by nightfall, I was actually really tired and sleepy. Anyway, I'm better off without a hangover today, considering that I have to catch a flight back to KL!

It's been such an eventful two weeks on my own - I've had good and bad experiences, none of which I really regret. It all made my trip more memorable in any case!

I've been bitten by the travel bug - I am already thinking of my next solo trip. It's so much more exciting to travel on your own. Although I'm not denying that there were some periods of loneliness but you get to deal with it. To be honest, I rather be by myself than to deal with a friend's hangups on the road and then having to see them again when we're back home! It would be way too stressful. Didn't a wise one say anyway that you shouldn't move in with a friend, loan them money or travel with them?

I am seriously thinking of going back to Bali next year - for a beginner's surfing holiday. A week in Kuta to learn the basics, three days in Ubud to visit the family that I had stayed with previously, and to take art (dance? batik-painting?) lessons that I never took on this trip!

The weird thing is, after the last couple of days which were kinda crazy and draining, I'm really not looking forward to going home!! Home would seem so dull and stodgy after all this. I thought travelling would make the heart go fonder for home and its comforts but it's not working for me. But then again, a two weeks trip was a really short period away from home. I need to be away from home longer!! Don't wanna go home yet, wanna keep on travelling. *cries*

If there was one thing I regret on this trip, was not saying good bye to Richardo, and telling him how much I enjoyed his company, and that he has been the most stimulating person that I've ever met in the longest time. I never got his e-mail so I can't even tell him this. I hope that I would see him again so I could apologize for my rudeness. And give him the good bye hug I never gave.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger mac said...

Looking forward to see all the photos you took.

Welcome home.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger sativa said...

aw...i'm sure you would love to go on travelling again. but it would be great to have you back home too :) see you soon!

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