Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kuta: I'm in heaven

well... close to my utopia anyway.

I can't believe it! I thought I'd hate Kuta! But it's so much better than I expected. And I think a perfect ending to my Bali trip. The shopping is sooo good.. I've already splashed out on a short, ruffled, pink with tiny white polka-dots skirt and a cute tropical dress. And I want more bikinis!! It's like bikini paradise here. So many cute bikinis, surf wear.. Not enough cash! I may actually break out the credit card..

And lots of perving! So many hot men walking around, topless! I was so busy drooling over this pack of young, hot Europeans that I almost fell over a standing sepeda motor - that's motorcyle for you English-speaking folks.

The beach is gorgeous.. Beautiful, white, soft sand. Sure, it's crowded but it means more people-watching. I'm in people-watching heaven right now. Lots of beautiful bodies, barely clothed - male and female.

So many little shops to browse but I'm already figuring out that the cheap stores pretty much have the same stuff anyway. I'm looking for the more unique clothing stores, from Bali and overseas. I simply love the surfwear. I shouldn't buy any more bikinis though because it's not like I could wear them in Malaysia. Wear a haltertop and everyone thinks you're being slutty. Beautiful, beautiful bikinis though.. sigh..

I found a cheap room for only Rp40,000 which is very close to the action and the beach (just a straight walk for less than 5 minutes!!). It's the furthest from the road so my room is pretty quiet. Very comfy bed. I like the bathroom the most because it's partially opened which means I get a nice stream of daylight coming in.

Sigh.. I'm happy now.

Yesterday was a melancholy day (re: guilt over Richardo) although I was in beautiful surroundings. Sanur has a beautiful beach as well and what I like about it is that the beach has nice, large pavilions where you can sit in the shade and gaze towards the ocean to your heart's content. When I first got to the beach, I wept for a while because it was much more beautiful than I expected, especially coming from Lovina where the beach was very disappointing, and because I thought that Richardo would have really like it. Sanur and Kuta is more like the beach paradise that I had envisioned when paying for my online ticket to Bali several months ago.

I travelled to bemo to Sukawati, which is reputed to be the cheapest, best market in Bali. I had to make at least three bemo connections but I think getting there was worth it. I did so much mad shopping though that at the end of it, I was so exhausted from the lack of food (didn't eat anything all morning), and hard bargaining that when I tried to order for food, I completely forgot what the Malay word for noodle was. Ended up not eating until I got back to Sanur.

But am happy for with my purchases because they were mostly gifts. And I finally got my chess set! Very happy with that. I also bought a wooden rhino, which was initially for my boss who collects wooden animals but it had so much character, that I think I want it for myself. I named it Richardo and he travels with me now. Hee..

Now I'm curious about the nightlife of Kuta but only because I want to perve some more. But I'm shylah and I'm by myself so we'd see.

I'm rather bummed now that I'm only here for two more days! They offer surfing lessons for three days!! The alternative is a 1/2 day beginner course. The internet cafe that I'm in right now, is almost opposite this surfing school. Gonna check it out after this.

Oh! Another thing that I like is that there are cafes here with cheap food that show movies. During lunch, I watched Austin Powers, and after shopping this afternoon, I watched part of Guru (?) with only the cost of a Coke. Watched the sunset at Kuta beach.

I'm sunburnt and happy!


At 11:40 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

Girl,I so envy you now!!!I hope when it is my turn to go to Bali,I would bask in every bit of of it.Should I get a bikini before I go there or when I am there?What do you think?It may be months away before I actually go there but,heh..a little planning and dreaming wouldn't hurt.:PHave fun!!!

At 11:25 AM, Blogger ashraf said...

am going to bali next month and currently scouring the net for info. i plan to stay in ubud for couple of days and would like to try the mandi susu. the description of the losmen in Ubud sounds fantastic, and cheap too. what is it called and where did you had you mandi susu and for how much? and enjoy the rest of your stay in kuta

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

dee m - WAIT till you get to kuta and then buy your bikinis because the choices here are so awesome - much better than you can get anywhere else in malaysia, including kl! you can get cheap ones at the cheaper places or aussie brands.. there's this shop called surf girl, i think, and it has a good collection of surf brands. there are also bali-made bikinis (label) which are also very sweet. it's pretty much bikini heaven here!!

ashrah - the place i stayed at was called praety - please check back again when i give full information on how to book a place. i also took loads of pictures so will upload as soon as i get home - so you know what it looks like. seriously, the family was one of the best things, if not the best thing i've experienced in bali (although the boogie board comes pretty close!!). i love the family and the wife makes the best banana pancakes in Bali. I've tried others everywhere else and they don't even come close!! it really is worth it for the price - the breakfast they offer is the best in bali, i feel!!! i'm so enthusiastic about the place that i'm telling everyone who gets to ubud - that they have to stay there. they're so friendly too, that you get to have a feel of what a balinese family is like. very devout hindus.. lovely family, lovely place!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger ashraf said...

thanks for the info, will be checking out your pics

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous wakdojer said...

any pics of you in bikinis?


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