Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ubud: decisions, decisions

Noticed how prolific I become as a blogger, when I'm on vacation? There's tons to write about and since I'm by myself, this is the best way to tell everybody at once, in a condensed manner, what's going on with me. So, here's my second entry of the day!

I decided to go for the mandi susu, which is similar to the mandi lulur, except that you get a milk bath. I've never had a milk bath before and I like to say that I've tried it once. So off I went. Now, this is my first professional massage ever so I must say that I wasn't prepared for the first twenty minutes. It was agonizing! No, I mean, it was good but I am also very ticklish and she was touching the right spots to make me jump. I think I was very tense as well. I didn't know how tense my calf muscles were until she worked on them and it hurt (but in a good way). I loved the warm honey and milk that was "painted" on me. It smelled so good that I couldn't resist, and so when she wasn't looking, I took a lick. It tasted like starch.

The bath was heavenly, lots of frangipani and other fragant flowers in a warm bath. I stayed in the bath until my finger tips became wrinkled and I decided it was time to get out. Great experience but one thing I'd avoid is the face massage. The massage felt great but I'm worried that the oils used would make me breakout because I have such sensitive skin.

After the massage, I was sipping the offered tea and there was a travel mag in front of me. Guess what was on the front cover? Lombok! The article was about the crater lake in Lombok and the pictures were so amazing. The forest look so lush! I was so excited at the thought of visiting the volcano lake in Lombok, that I made my decision then and there, to go with Richardo to Lombok. I felt so relieved having made my decision that I walked down Monkey Forest Road with a huge smile on my face.

I figure, even if the other pasar is cheaper than the one in Ubud, you're still paying for the ride. The rice paddies and Batur lake is intriguing but hey, it seems kinda easy to take that way out. As much as Richardo can irritate me sometimes, he is very intriging in his own hippy way. I figure, at least give him a couple of days - like Lets said, if he gets really annoying, ditch him and go my own way. In any event, I'd feel like a third wheel with the couple, despite their niceness.

I feel regret leaving Ubud though. Simply love the losmen and my balcony!!!! But I am getting too relaxed here and I want to push myself further.

Don't laugh but in attempt to see whether I've made the right decision, I checked out and it said:

The most intelligent way to resolve your current dilemma is not necessarily the most attractive way. You have to ask yourself, do you want something that looks good - or something that actually works? You are putting off a choice. You keep hoping that if you ignore something or someone, events will unfold in such a way as to free you from the need to think. That's probably true. They most likely will. But then you will have to think about what has happened and whether you like it. And that may not be so easy.

It's a bit confusing.. but it's spot-on about me putting off choices because it frees me from the need to think. I'm rather terrible that way.

Nice guy as he is, Richardo doesn't seem to be "something that looks good" so that makes him "something that actually works". Ok, I know, taking advice from a horoscope is plain scary but most of the time, it's just plain common sense. I'd give him a couple of days and he pisses me more, I'd ditch him. mwaah ha haaa.

I am loving every single day in Bali!!! Can you tell? You gotta try this on your own - I think the experiences are more amazing.


At 10:41 PM, Blogger mac said...

The milk bath sounds heavenly !!

Great to see you have a good time. This solo travelling idea is beginning to sound quite intriguing....

At 11:02 PM, Blogger sativa said...

i once read my horoscope (in a mag) that warned me about impulse buying when it comes to shoes for that particular month. problem is, that warning came a day too late. yeah, i bought the shoes the day before I bought the mag. :p

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Froot said...

I'd go with The Holy Man cos I'd get to go to Lombok, which sounds very nice from your description. And, like Lets said, you could always go your own way as long as The Holy Man knows this pairing up isn't for the whole of your trip!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Wait until he buries his head in the earth then run off... Indian holy men do that, I've seen it.

Where's my chess move?

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Daniel said...


'No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.' There's truth in this fine old saying. It does not just apply to elections. You can say much the same about any attempt to create radical change. Whenever we look at a situation that we are unhappy with, we see alternative candidates, promising improvement. All we have to do, allegedly, is support this idea or that plan and our worries will be over. But will your 'great new way to go' really take you anywhere better than the last road you went down?

Quite depressing stuff.

Where's that chess move?

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Brandon said...

I'm an American living in Indonesia. I've actually stumbled upon your site via flickr, but noticed that you're friends with marita - small world - she has me linked on her site!

At any rate, I'd love to see your photos from Bali - I have some on my site if you're ever interested.

Take care.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger cabiria said...

Daniel, wow! where did you get that from? is it a horoscope for Taurus? if it is, good thing I don't really believe in horoscopes...

Cayce, glad that you're becomming less prolific! I mean, wanna read about your fun experiences in Bali, of course, but not posting means having loads of fun, so be it! (or it means the scruffy hippy has taken over...)

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

Daniel - I'm so sorry (re: chess move)!!! Have been really busy with... travelling.. hee..

Brandon - hey, thanks for dropping a note - are you in bali? will check your blog as soon as i post this!

Lets!!! oh, lets.. So much to tell you Lets.. btw, I told the hippy about you and he'd like to meet up with you in KL - is that ok? :D Actually, I've had quite the turnaround with Richardo. I have so much respect for him now. I was way too critical of him in the beginning.. (although he did provide good blog fodder). But overall, he's a great guy. Currently in Lovina - will try to post soon.


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