Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ubud: suggestions needed asap!!

So much for the motorbike ride with Richardo today! He's staying in the losmen all day recovering from a bad food attack from last night. This guy - he tells me not to eat the masakan padang because apparently, they keep the food out all day and it's not hygenic. So then, what does he do? He has masakan padang for dinner! Good grief. Met him this morning and he had this long face, and told me that he couldn't go out today because he has the runs. I'm like, why do you tell me not to do stuff and then you go ahead and do it yourself? HAIYAH.

There are new guests at the losmen - a couple from KL. They seem really nice and asked me if I was interested in sharing a car with them tomorrow. The guide will take us to a cheaper market than the one in Ubud, some really nice rice terraces and to Lake Batur. All that for 140,000Rp. The price seems fair, especially sharing it three-ways, and I like the idea of another market. I told them that I would think about it because Richardo has asked me whether I wanted to travel with him, and he plans to leave tomorrow.

So Richardo's listening to this, and when I went over, he told me again that he would really like to travel with me because of my "language skills". He wants to go straight to Lombok, which is really intriguing. But the way this is shaping up, I might be spending most of my trip in Lombok. It's not necessarily a bad thing because I totally see myself heading back to Bali once more!! And there's also the scruffy hippie issue that I can't seem to get over. he heee. I mean, this morning, it occurred to me who he reminded me of - not Eric Bana unfortunately but Marita's description of these Indian holy men who have long, matted hair, facial hair, barely clothed, and they roll around in the dust. After he spoke to me, I half-expected for him to drop to the ground, and roll back to his room. I am so evil, I'm sorry. When he left, I convulsed into a fit of giggles.

So there you go. Two parties vying my company. I feel quite special but not really - I realize that having me around cuts down on the costs for everybody, and on Richardo's case, I bring "language skills". Richardo enquired why I wanted to go to another market since I had already did some shopping in the two previous days. I don't know why guys sometimes ask stupid questions.

Richardo seems like a nice guy but I didn't think I would be spending most of my holiday with a scruffy hippie who would probably roll around in the dust. He has nice, kind eyes but he's still scruffy and skinny. If I bring language skills, what would he have to offer for me? I'm terrible but I know that if he was really good-looking, I would totally travel with him. It doesn't matter whether he's gay or taken, I like a pretty face to look at. It makes me happy.

Well, he does have one thing - and it's his drive to go to Lombok. Right now, I'm carefree and easy - everyone's really surprised that I don't have an agenda and I'm just bumming around and seeing what happens.

There is an option of going with the couple tomorrow and meeting up with Richardo before we head off to Lombok. But my question is, do I really want to travel with this guy? I honestly don't know.

I told them that I would give my final answer this afternoon and I'd really appreciate it if you guys have some thoughts on this!

Today, I'm FINALLY going to have my much-promised massage (mandi lulur!!!) and possibly do a workshop on silver jewelry - for 100,000 Rp, you can design your own ring/pendant! That really sounds cool. Not so much interested in the dance workshop anymore. Perhaps if I were staying longer in Ubud though. And I can see myself staying longer! Love the losmen and the family and the huge, yummy breakfast! Alas, already, I'm going soft and I had promised myself to push myself further. And that's why I'm still not saying no to Richardo because despite his craziness, he will make sure that we could do lots of stuff. I told him that I wanted to see the Australian birds in Lombok and he was in agreement of that. He could be my push to my laziness but then again, it's still my holiday, isn't it? So there's nothing wrong with laziness on a holiday.... arrrghh!!!


At 12:15 PM, Blogger Marita Paige said...

I really don't know what to suggest, Cayce. My advise is to go with what feels right. Go with whoever would not drive you up the wall more.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

Must get tips on travel to Bali from Cayce.Hehe...Sounds fun.Bumming around during your hols.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger cabiria said...

so. from what you described of your expectations and feelings for both of the alternative plans, I would say for you to go with the couple. both plans are not so opposing anyway, as you mentioned you can always catch up later with Richardo, if you want. It sees like you are atracted to the idea of sharing the car ride and going to the market. who cares, go ahead. It will probably make it clearer for you, how you feel bout catching up with Ricardo later on.
Oh, and if you're having such mixed feelings about travelling with the scruffy hippy, then just carry on by yourself! There's plenty of new people to meet. Travelling by yourself is so much fun and so freeing!


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