Thursday, November 04, 2004

gotta scratch that travel itch

Feeling much better lately, especially being able to spend some quality time with friends yesterday. And oh, I yelled at a man too, which immediately made me feel tons better. I don’t know, I think I may have created a monster (myself).

His van was blocking my car, and when we honked to let him know that we wanted to leave, he came back to the van, picked up a box and walked away. WTF? He could have just moved the van!! So I jumped out of the car and yelled at him, “so, is this your Hari Raya spirit? Huh? Huh??” And then Marita leaned on the horn for the longest time, until it slowly died out. Yea, feel our wrath! Stupid ass.

I was quite pleased with myself this morning when I remembered

a) my camera. Stop car in driveway. Jump out of car and get camera.
b) newly charged camera batteries. Stop car outside gate. Jump out of car and get camera batteries.

Until I arrived in the office and realized that I had forgotten my computer cable for the camera. Damn.

Richardo (or is it Ricardo? I never saw his name on print) said at one point rather exasperatedly, “I don’t know how you travel by yourself! Your memory’s atrocious!” (he also said that I was too nice and naive – in the sense that I believed what the locals tell me. What should I do? Disbelieve everything they say like he does?)

Actually, come to think of it, he was very exasperating himself. Sometimes, whenever he had his back turned, I would make strangling gestures at him. Or I’d shake a clenched fist. He could make me so mad…

Yeah, I really liked him. *sigh*

I’ve been telling everyone I meet that I just came back from Bali. Even the mailman in the post office yesterday when I picked up a couple of parcels. He looked suitably impressed, and I didn’t even tell him that I went alone. Most people then usually look really surprised. Probably because I came back with all limbs intact, and without any eyes poked out. Honestly, I do think most people underestimate me. I mean, considering the nature of my job and all, where I’ve camped by myself in the jungle and currently work in the field. If I can do that, I can do anything, right?

So now, I’ve made my first successful attempt on backpacking solo and I can’t wait for my next trip. I’ve already scouted online flight prices to Cambodia – much to my surprise, a MAS round trip ticket from KL to Phnom Penh costs over RM2,000. It’d be cheaper to fly to Australia, wouldn’t it? But where’s the adventure there. I’m thinking of taking the budget airlines, AirAsia from KL to one of the major cities of Thailand and move onwards from there. Any suggestions re: airlines or cheaper alternatives would be muchly appreciated.

I’m working on a short guide to Bali, basically just recommendations of the places I’ve stayed. Once I get my pictures up on flickr; the Bali entry will be posted.

Note to self: computer cable, computer cable, computer cable….

p/s hey, AirAsia is going to start flying to Padang, Indonesia on the 8th of November. Prices start from RM79.99 (Rp175,999). Where's Padang? Somewhere in the western coast of Sumatra.. hmm.. it sounds intriguing...


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Froot said...

Another option is to check out the annual MATTA fairs. I believe MAS has also started their own annual fairs. When you buy a ticket/package during the fairs there is a considerable discount.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

problem is that there are no MATTA fairs in Kuching next year... (see schedule here)

I've been to a travel fair in Kuching before but it was extremely lame - all they offer are tour packages, and I am not a tour person! It's way too lame. I mean, initially the price may seem good but you don't really TRAVEL that way. All you see are air-conditioned buses and factories..

But I think you meant just the airline booths, which may just offer cheap deals.. Wasn't impressed with what they were offering in the travel fair I attended - they had so-called bargains, nothing that really saved a lot of money. I'm pretty happy with AirAsia so far. I know most people grouse about them but they're great for cheap, reliable flights. I swear, I think it's an AirAsia regulation to have flight attendants with dyed (blonde) hair and blue eyeshadow..

At 12:43 PM, Blogger mac said...


I know this is absolutely none of my business and you have every right to do what you guys did but with all due respect, please be careful when confronting strangers like you did.

On a different day with a different person, your actions could have had dire consequences.

As someone who has experienced this first hand, I'd advise a bit of discretion.

I'm not being a busy body. Just concerned that's all.

Looking forward to those Bali pics.

Have a good day.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Colin said...

Took the liberty in passing your link to a Kucingite in Cambodia. May be able to tell you how to get there cheaply. Siam Reap is one of those lpaces you have to see before you die.


At 9:10 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

hey, thanks!

looking forward to hearing from them.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger cabiria said...

hey, still owe you a proper email, but check this link:
may be of use...
In my january trip, I am planning to fly into Bangkok and take it from there, but I will probably head to northern thailand first. However my way back to KL to pick up the bags and head home woul dbe Siem Reap - BKK by land, which is not lokking any promising, if I consider the info on the link above...
oh, the other day I read something on the Bootsnall boards about being possible to boat from some Thai island to some coastal city in Cambodia. Search there!

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

that website is extremely useful! gosh, all those scams in cambodia.. i've actually come across this website before but had forgotten about it. thanks so much for bringing it to my attention again!

your travel plan sounds exciting - how i wish i could travel so soon too!!

and yes, i am expecting an e-mail from you... :-) tell all!!

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Froot said...

Cayce: Haiya, that was MATTA fair bah. That one is all about tour packages. You have to really trawl the place to get an OK deal. MAS fair is slightly better cos it's just tickets. Those were just suggestions anyway.


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