Friday, November 05, 2004

Reflections of Bali

Balinese stone guardian
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I've finally uploaded my photos from Bali into my flickr account. If you're interested to take a look, check it out:Bali 2004. It's also worth checking each photo individually because I've added descriptions of what's going on (e.g. cremation ceremony) and the places I've been. I'm surprised by the amount of photos that I took, for it didn't seem that many. I've missed out on a lot of photo opportunities, particularly of people because I didn't feel comfortable shoving a camera into their faces. I didn't want to be the intrusive outsider, instead I was more willing to blend into the background and just observe life in Bali without an aid of a camera. But I do love street photography however, especially of children and.. everyone else!

Please do leave comments, it's nice to know which ones people appreciate most or find interesting - I'm not sure whether you need a flickr account to comment but it's worth opening one with flickr. I think it's a great photo-sharing website, wonderful concept and there are nice people behind it all.

Oooo... a teaser.. I do have a picture of Richardo, but it's locked for friends only. But no worries if you can't view it, it's not particularly interesting. He once said that he didn't appreciate people taking his photo or taking happy shots, so I only took a photo of his back when he was playing the guitar at our balcony, facing Lake Batur (but only after asking his permission of course!).

I am Balinese for a day, today. I am wearing a form-fitting batik sarong, a blouse and a sash tied around my waist. Complete with a small red flower tucked behind my hair, of course. I do have a kebaya top, bought from the market in Ubud - the Indonesian kind where it's lacy see-through (you wear a camisole underneath although I've seen many Balinese women wearing just a bra underneath their kebayas). Would have worn it but it might have been too much. I kidded to my friends that I didn't want to wear the top because I might accidentally be deported (bad joke, I know).

I may look Balinese today but I am currently dreaming of Laos.....


At 11:15 PM, Blogger sativa said...

Oooh...these days you are more stylin' than I am!

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Froot said...

would love to see you in that outfit :-D


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