Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ten things that currently make me happy

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Ten things that currently make me happy:
1. My parents. It may be dorky to put them on top of my list but hey, I do love them and they’re wonderful, warm people with a great sense of humour.
2. Spending lots of quality time with good friends.
3. Clear blue skies with fluffy clouds.
4. Beautiful sunsets.
5. New Year’s plans. All girls weekend at the beach, baby!
6. Stimpy. It’s his innocent, wide-eyed, silly exuberance that makes me laugh. Current misadventures include trying to eat glass and depositing a baby chick on my sister’s bed. More doggie photos here.
7. Travel dreams: Laos, Cambodia, etc…
8. Endorphins from running.
9. Strawberry memories.
10. Quotes like, "Do not let the future be your better days". Who said that?


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