Friday, December 24, 2004

Canadians are always cute

So my sister's walking in the mall when this mat salleh approaches her.

"Excuse me, did you go to UBC?"

She was wearing a UBC t-shirt. It turned out that he was from SFU, a neigbouring university in British Columbia. Which happens to be my uni!!...

I later asked her, "why not pretend that you didn't know what UBC meant?"

It's a joke between the two of us because the t-shirt is actually from a local discount store ("20 sen Discount store" - where apparently the discount is.. twenty cents) that sells fake university sweatshirts. You had the usual "HARVARD" "OXFORD", etc.. and much to my bemusement, it also sold fake UBC t-shirts, with the words "University of British Columbia". I mean, it's a really good school (and so is SFU!) but it boggles my mind that someone would go to the trouble to make fake UBC t-shirts. And there weren't any fake SFU t-shirts either.


She then calls me up and proceeds to tell me about this guy. Since I had recently picked up another orphan of my own earlier that day (no, not Lets! Some Brit woman I met in a store, started chatting with and later invited her for Christmas...), I tell her to invite him to our Christmas gathering that we're having on Christmas day.

One great thing about my family, they don't seem to have a problem with all these strangers I suddenly show up at the house with. They've never even question how I met them. It's bizarre, it's great - it saves me from explanations.

But he had already left. My mom had also met him so I asked her what he was like. Actually, what I really asked was whether he was cute (getting my priorities right - check!).

"Cute? He's Canadian - Canadians are always cute."

"....and he was really tall."

Anyway, so sorry I missed the tall, cute Canadian from SFU but I really shouldn't be greedy because I had already met another tall, cute Canadian from SFU this week.

(I really don't know what's going with the whole SFU connection!)

And no, it's not the same guy because my family has already met him and anyway, he's currently climbing Mt. Kinabalu as I write this.

It's been quite an interesting week because I was really down and lonely because I hadn't hung out with any of my friends for a long while and suddenly, there's an onslaught of new, (and old) interesting people to talk to. Lets, the Brazilian girl who worked in KL, whom I met through Daniel, THAT Brit guy that I hosted twice, whom I met through his blog (are you still with me?) is currently staying with us for Christmas and I'm really happy that she's here because we can talk about a lot of things that I can't really discuss with some of my friends. Erik was really swell to meet, and was a lot cuter than I expected (he's CANADIAN - what did I expect?). We both have biology degrees from the same university so it was great talking to him. It was also really nice to reminisce about B.C. because I miss it so much. I also miss Canadian accents!!!...

Going for Christmas mass (at midnight) for the first time this year - gosh. It's the first mass for Lets for ten years.. hee.. And later, because it's Filipino tradition, we're going to have a midnight feast or noche buena after mass...

Ok, getting very distracted here because I have to get ready for a party and Lets is chatting away to me as I write this (bless her heart).

Have a merry Christmas, everyone.


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Froot said...

wah. my family celebrate christmas with just a simple dinner with home-cooked food. you filipinos really know how to party, man.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger sativa said...

Merry Christmas! And see you later! :)

At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

merry christmas cayce!


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad, Miss Cayce, y feliz ano nuevo.

Tengo unas ganas de regresar ha Sarawak este semana santa, y estoy un poco harto con este pais, tan fria y con tanta lluvia.

Bueno, ha sido una revelacion, cuando dijisteis que eras mitad filipina. Estas matrimonios mixtas producen lo mejor,

Hasta luego, Miss Cayce


Agi ulih jako Iban, deh ?

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Jordan F. MacVay said...

Merry Christmas, Cayce!
And I think your mother might be right about Canadians. Well, my wife thinks I'm cute, anyway. ;)

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

Blessed Christmas !

At 12:14 PM, Blogger mac said...

I once knew a girl who studied at SFU.

Merry Christmas.


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