Monday, January 24, 2005

What's putting that smile on my face...

An unprompted e-mail from a cute guy I recently met. Although his English isn't the greatest and the subject heading of the e-mail was "massage from...."

Maybe it's subliminal ... wheee...

Oh, and no - it's not the guy who picked me up in the mall. I mean, he was tall (plus) and cute (plus, plus) but he also wore a toque (beanie/head condom) and honestly, who wears a toque in a tropical country?? Unless you're on top of Mt. Kinabalu (tallest peak of Southeast Asia, yaaar), then the toque's ok in my books. But yeah, I gave him my phone number because at that time, he seemed interesting. And then, he had to go and spoil it all by sending numerous smses wishing for my good health "tomorrow", and (missed) phone calls. Freaked me out, you know. So being the jerk that I am, I sent him an sms, saying "wrong number" (I still cringe when I think about it).

Of course, then there were the subsequent lectures of "you should ask for his phone number, and not give him yours!"

I know, I know!! It's not like he's the first guy who's ever asked for my number but I was riding on a couple of hours of sleep to begin with, so I think, I was a little high, and not really in the smart, smart mode-lah. After all, when I think about it, I probably wouldn't have encouraged such a long conversation with a stranger in the first place. But he was cute.. he hee. Right, moving on.

Actually, not really. Here's how he picked me up:

I was walking towards the flea market, and he was just heading out. We exchanged glances - me, because he was wearing a TOQUE and because he had a S(hell) t-shirt. Him, I don't know but I'm beginning to think that it's my new glasses. Ever since, I've worn these glasses, I've been getting lots of compliments like, "You're beautiful!". Of course, when I say lots of compliments, I mean just one - from the guy on the train station, handing out brochures. Actually, it's my glasses that gets the most compliments, and I end up feeling like a proud parent.

Anyway, we walked by each other and I end up in front of this booth selling cheap cassette tapes (3 for RM10). Suddenly, he's there and it looks like he's the vendor, so I smile at him. And then the conversation (about music, and everything else) started. It's all good until I've selected the three tapes that I wanted to buy and tried to give him the money - it turned out that it wasn't his booth after all - that faker (he implied that it was his when I asked him about it). But I still gave him my phone number so who's the smarty pants after all.

End of story.


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