Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My 'secret' past

Check this out: a gibbon brachiates

How cute is this??

It's my old online journal. I had completely forgotten about it that when Marita reminded me today about the time we blogged on diary-x.com, I was flabbergasted. I didn't even remember my username (I was Luthien - ha ha!)

It didn't last long because I was blogging elsewhere at the same time. The only reason why I started out on diary-x was because Marita had gotten interested in the world of blogging. I wasn't keen on her finding out my real journal so I made up this account to placate her... he hee. But she soon discovered my other journal anyway because she so smart, and me kinda dumb.

I regret deleting that other journal and losing all those entries but it was for a good reason. I also have an older blog somewhere around - good luck finding that one. It was written during my uni days and I really sounded young on that one!!

And then there was the 'just-broke-up-with-long-term-bf-feeling-extremely-angsty-stage' journal somewhere around but I honestly don't remember what site it's on. Maybe it's a good thing.

My blogging phases are in fits and starts because I tend to start new chapters in my life, and I usually want a new blog to reflect that. Sometimes, I feel suffocated by my audience and I want out. It's a bit bizarre to think that there are written parts of my life scattered around, for the world to read. But that's just one life out of millions of other lives out there - who really cares?

I'm not sure how long this blog would last but I'm feeling rather comfortable here right now.

"a gibbon brachiates"???? What the hell was I on?? OMG. I even wrote poetry. *cringes*


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

I started out with a lot and deleted all of it except my Blogger account.Well,for some reason the ones I deleted were a bit to angsty..hahaha...I've got the hand written journals around too.Still do that handwritten ones even til this day.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger A. said...

I'm like Dee M. I still have my regular journal for when I truly feel `naked' with my feelings and can't bear for them to be exposed on my blog on the net. Plus, sometimes it's just great to do things the old fashioned way :)

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

I love the feel of paper journals, opening the pages, and reading my handwriting.. Yes, old fashioned ways are sometimes the best!

When I'm in the field, I write in my journal but admittedly, I find it easier to type it all up rather than to write it down.

At 3:10 AM, Blogger Nick-ed@keksilang said...

This is my only blog so I hope it last but you never know.
and so far the only thing is that i used something like blogging is only scribble/doodle on pieces of blank paper. Never really had a journal, it somehow ended up missing or the effort just died.
And the pieces of paper were the ones that are still with me!
Got myself a SAINS note/journal book to add into the collection of i-would-use-them-for-note-keeping-stuff-but-i-never-got-to-it-in-the-end. Another possible use of senseless blabber and doodle, IF i ever get to use it!


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