Thursday, February 17, 2005

What do we want? When do we want it?

I’ve been rewriting a particular entry several times when I realize that it was better left unsaid.

But I just wanted to say one thing: I’m glad that I stood up for what I believe in, was vocal about it, and although it was a painful decision and potentially detrimental to me, I did it for the right reasons. After all, the decision that I was making would affect a big group of people AND what we stand for, rather than just me. It would be unfair to make the decision based on how I would be treated after the outcome.

And people who had agreed with me throughout but don’t do anything when it comes to crunch time, are FRICKKIN SMUCKS. I’m so frustrated.

More genuine thanks for the people who saw for what it was, and voted along with me. I just hope there won’t be repercussions from petty-minded people. The thing is, I really don’t know what would happen and I do worry but it was also an issue that I believed in and needed to defend.

Ok, that was more than one thing.

Sometimes, I wonder if it would have been easier not to care so much about issues but then I think I wouldn’t like myself so much, if I just sat back and not get involved. I think the world needs more people to care about issues, to make a stand, and get involved.

On a lighter note, I just discovered that Zach Braff of Garden State has a blog (thanks, dee!). I find it charming that his blog is on typepad, rather than on, say for example, It's so appealing to an ordinary blog geek like me. And no, I didn't know he was on Scrubs! (never watched the show though)

I think he's attractive in a geeky, intelligent, creative kind of way. I also think John Mayer's hot. Hee. I like my gawky whitey men. Oooo... but let's make it clear, I'm no Sarong Party Girl either. Asian guys are really hot too. I just haven't met any recently. *boo*


At 12:23 AM, Blogger Dee M said...

You're welcomed!I love Zach Braff too!!!And well,John Mayer too of course..hehe..


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