Friday, April 29, 2005

He's a great guy but I wouldn't want to date him.

Tweedledum: Cayce, I need to ask you an important question. But it's not my question. I heard it from someone, who heard it from someone else, who was told by some other person.

Marita (with glee): This is like Chinese whispers.

Me (suspiciously): What's the question?

Tweedledum: They need to know.. are you going out with D.?

Marita, myself and the rest of the girls: BWAA HAHA hAA HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Me: *choke*.. NO, of course not!!

Tweedledee: Why? What's wrong with D.?

Me: There's NOTHING wrong with D. I think he's a great guy. I'm just not going out with him!

Tweedledum and Tweedledee are two guys I know - and they say women are such gossips! Imagine that - the dynamic duo hardly ever talk to me, probably through my own fault (I can be quite the Ice Queen with guys) and when they do actually say something to me, it's something really nosy and none of their business.

D.'s a good guy - someone I feel comfortable with. He's very quiet but when he says something, it's worth listening to. You know how annoying some people could be when they just talk, and talk, and talk and there's really nothing substantial in their monologue?? D.'s a breath of fresh air, in this case. We share similar interests and I appreciate that he's a gentleman - he once waited over half an hour for me to get into my car and drive off, instead of leaving me in a house by myself at night like the rest of the guys did. However, there's NO spark between us whatsoever. He's just a nice, friendly guy - that's all. Doesn't mean I have to date him! Yes, I'm single and he's single and we get along as buddies but it also doesn't equal instant relationship.

The next day, I was alone with Tweedledee, and he reminded me of the time when we went out, just the two of us, one night (BUT - it was NOT a date!!).

Tweedledee: I really enjoyed that a lot. Didn't you? I think we should do it again soon, before you head off to the field.

Me: (very unenthusiastically) ok...

I really need to work on my excuses but I'm terrible at lying. I doubt that he'd call me up for a one-on-one outing, especially with my lukewarm response, so yeah, that should work. Yeah.

Sorry, Tweedledee - it's not you, it's me.

p/s (I take that part back where I said that I wouldn't date any readers of this blog) Hee.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger sativa said...

oh gee, people should stop trying to set you up with someone!

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Fredy said...


Maybe D is the one that asked Tweedledum and Tweedledee to ask that question to you. Just maybe.

I have done it before and it's not effective. : )

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

sativa: annoying, yes!

Fredy: oh no - I know D. quite well. He's definitely not into me, as I him. That's why we get along well together. lol

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Fredy said...

ok.. lol..

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