Friday, July 29, 2005

What's pouring out of my head.

I'm feeling a bit lazy these days to blog properly. I'm in a nice haze of accepting where I am now, knowing what I want in the future (although admittedly, getting hold of my flip-flopping sentiments is proving to be a challenge), and just enjoying the NOW. Of course there are moments of anxiety but it's work-related. A. gave me really good advice yesterday, on seeing my situation in a different light. For that, I am grateful and I thank her. I'm also grateful for Dee for saving me from the occasional boredom that comes between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday when I'm in town. Ha. What is this? A testimonial? However, I think it's good to give thanks for what you have, isn't it?

Speaking of advice, I thought this was really useful: How to Lose a Girl in One Night. I recognized me in that situation and folks, she's right.

I am all warm and giggly from an e-mail sent from halfway across the globe.

Yesterday, I read "Almost French" on a park bench after work. Then, I jogged with my head tilted upwards to gaze at the sky. It was sunset, and there were brilliant streaks of varying orange across the pale sky. There was a cool wind, shifting the clouds which meant that when I came back to the same point where I started jogging, the sky was all anew once more. To be gazed at with my heart's content. It was a lovely evening spent.

I am excited about December.

I am looking forward to a girly shopping trip with good friends to KL very soon.

My hair is looking awesome.

What I want to do right now is to lie on warm grass and drink red wine as I watch more brilliant streaks of golden colours across the pale, pale sky.


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

pleasure to accompany you on such times,he he.i want to sip coffee on a sidewalk cafe and write.:D

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

it's on my to-do list!

Sip coffee on a sidewalk cafe with Dee somewhere in Europe!

And I shall have a big slab of yummy rich chocolate cake!

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Daniel said...

Your hair always looks awesome :)


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