Thursday, August 25, 2005

Got stuff?

I wish I was more organized. I have a system, methinks -- organized clutter. Neat piles of papers and books on the floor. Ok, maybe not so neat. It's rather embarrassing to have the messiest cubicle in the office and the funny thing is that I know where everything is, kinda. Just don't move my stuff around without telling me. Having a neat-freak for a boyfriend once was rather useful. He'd nag me once in a while to get my stuff in its proper place and when I don't listen to him, he'd do it himself. And then we'd have one of those rounds of "WHERE IS MY STUFF!! WHY DID YOU MOVE MY STUFF??!!" Fun times. I don't think I could ever live with another packrat -- we'd be bad for each other. Living in glorious messiness.. Whee..

Sometimes, I'd like to be one of those people with their cute little files and folders and boxes with labels (??!!!??). So neat and prim and organized. But I've tried and somehow my own files and boxes tend to throw up after a while and I'm back to my piles of stuff on the floor, plus files and boxes.

I know this sounds super-girly and ditzy but I'm excited about the three skirts I bought today during lunch hour. I think after a couple of weeks in the field where my main fashion accessory is my soiled leech socks, I tend to get a wee excited when I'm back in town and *even though*, fashion is not this town's greatest asset (ha ha!), I somehow find a way to spend money on clothes. Well, sometimes, you do get great finds and at least, it's kinda one of a kind especially if you head outta here. I'm also pumped over my new black yoga pants from Hush Puppies that I got for 50% off. They're super-comfy and flattering and hell, no I don't do yoga but that's not really the point is it?? Anyhooo..

Books -- I want to get more books. I'm eyeing the Bookseller of Kabul, and am contemplating Reading Lolita of Tehran. I've been haunting the bookstore of late because I'm trying to decide which books to get on a single receipt so that I could spend RM100 and be eligible for membership discounts. It's actually a lot more difficult than one would think because they've dumbed down their selection and gone are the Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Haruki Murakami books. Instead we get tons of chick lit, architecture and business books. Blah, blah boring.. The saddest part is that there is no natural history selection in this bookstore or any other bookstore in town. Well, I mean there is but only for the local stuff and most of it are 19th century travel literature in Borneo (which I have anyway). What I want to read is David Quammen's latest book and more of Jared Diamond's work.

Gosh, it does sound like I shop a lot but rest assured, I live well within my means. I do have a tendency to worry about money sometimes. I have this great urge to splurge on an airline ticket to Anywhere But Here sometime this year. That's bad, that's really bad especially with my plans for next year.

I in this town however. Maybe a wee inexpensive holiday nearby would do me some good. KL in November is already in the works but I still need to get out of the country. Please!

Stuff, I've got too much stuff. Need to cut loose and just wander the world unhindered. One backpack -- so simple and easy..

But arrghh.. what about my shoes??


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous NC said...

You have a real intelligent blog here. Do you make sketches out in the field ?

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

How flattering for you to think so. :) Just when I was thinking how dumb I sound lately..

Sketches! Thanks for bringing that up -- I used to sketch like mad, in the field and in town but haven't done that lately. I should really pick that up again because it's very therapeutic, as long as no one takes a peek and starts laughing hysterically..

At 6:42 AM, Blogger Eduardo said...

I once visited a therapist (long story -- don't get married) whose office was as you describe, probably worse. Every week before our sessions she would make long and agonized apologies for the "current state" of her office saying, "I really am more organized than this!"

After a few months, however, it was apparent that organized clutter was the permanent state of her office. One day I said, "Is there a psychological designation for people who want to be more organized, but just can't pull it off?

She looked at me for a moment cross-eyed before putting her emotionless therapist face back on and said, "Underappreciated Genius."

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

LOL. I like that.

Reminds me of an old Cosby scene with the college-age daughter who is invariably disorganized as I am. Her haughty deskmate told her that a messy desk was a reflection of a messy mind.

"Oh yea?" she retorted, looking at the girl's clean desk, "and what does an empty desk mean?"

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Dermot said...

Good chick-lit, now that is a challenge, I've been trying to see what you could get that might have slipped under the wire....
Have you read the Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenbegger? Or else you could try the classics you're been meaning to read for years? Have you read The Portrait of Dorian Gray? Or possibly the works of Moliere?
And if you can find The Eyre Affair by Japser Fforde then you have to try that.
I will think some more on this and get back to you but just keep telling yourself that KL in November isn't too far away and there's all those lovely books waiting for you in KLCC and Barnes & Noble etc.....

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

That's not really chick-lit! Is it? I'm thinking Shopholic series, etc. etc.. bright pastel covers, large font, double space,.. that's chick-lit. :P

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Dermot said...

very true but you have to remember that from time to time really good books get the mass marketing treatment so when that happens and you're living in a book-poor area you just have to grab what you can - just think of it as practice for spending a few months in South America!

At 7:11 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

hmm.. true..

I have run out of reading material in the field for a long period of time that I ended up reading instructions on bottles, packets, etc.. ANYTHING.. because I was desperate to read. :P


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